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  1. Wait...I thiugh that number was retired. ?
  2. MIRV Griffen

    McAdoo says Philly can't handle success

    Tell Mr. McPervstache to butt out.
  3. MIRV Griffen

    Justin Tuck lands gig as Goldman Sachs VP

    Same here. I had no idea what he was up to after he retired. He definitely could've sat back and enjoyed a booth gig or simply retired, but he clearly has a lot more drive than that.
  4. MIRV Griffen

    Justin Tuck lands gig as Goldman Sachs VP

    Yup. Not only that, but he scored that MBA from the best business school in the country. Hardly a handout degree.
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/ex-nfl-star-justin-tuck-lands-gig-as-goldman-sachs-vp/ar-AAzy5CZ?ocid=spartanntp I'm a diehard Eagles fan, but have to admit, that's an impressive post-NFL resume he's putting together.
  6. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    I’m observing the exact same thing and praying that most of the green I’m seeing will be in the stadium tomorrow. It will be a home game on the road like the Rams game was.
  7. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    Timmy Jernigan just walked by me in Mall of America on his way back to the hotel. He looks healthy and to be in good spirits.
  8. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    No sweat! This play is buzzing. Mall of America is a zoo, but still worth seeing if you’ve never been.
  9. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    I’m in downtown Minny right now about the enter the NFL Experience. About 80% Eagles fans seen thus far.
  10. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    Oh, snap! Shoot me a PM when you get to your seat. I’ll be checking my PMs here regularly once I get in there.
  11. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    Thanks a lot! We bought a house last year and put a lot of cash down to drop the interest rate, but made it a point to stash cash again and replenish it. That said, it was close, but our inbound tax return (and not having to fly) made it possible. Get creative and save up again. There’s no doubt that this won’t be the Eagles last time to the big dance in the next decade.
  12. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    Do it!!!! My old lady didn’t even bat an eye when I passed the idea of buying a ticket by her and that’s why we’re together. You’ve got a keeper, buddy.
  13. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    That’s really cool! That’s a true privilege to meet a guy like him not just once, but multiple times. Just like you, me and my best friend were loving every minute of his massive resurgence with Minny. We lived in Las Vegas for 3.5 years, right up the block from Randall’s church. Ironically enough, only my wife ever made it to one of his church services and got to see him in person. I’ve met Nick Foles and Jason Kelce before, but never Randall. Should be a great time.
  14. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    Thanks, man! The kids are super excited, and my 10 year-old is wearing her Eagles gear to class tomorrow to talk smack to some Pats fan kids in her class and brag that she’ll be in Min y for the game. I’m all for it. Like jamiller, I’m pretty impressed by the way you’re gonna swing it. That’s exactly the kind of trip I would do if I was a little younger and didn’t have the uncertainty of military life looming over my plans. As it is, I have to deploy shortly after the game and got lucky as hell that it worked out at all.
  15. MIRV Griffen

    Those Going To The Game

    I feel utterly lucky that I can drive to the game and skip airfare altogether. It made a $3650 ticket that much more affordable, and the seat I scored is not a bad angle at all (section 337, quartering angle on the Eagles sideline). I’m taking my whole family up to the NFL Experience at Mall of America on Saturday. We’ll grab dinner and do other family stuff before I break off. On game day, I’ll be at the StubHub Live: Field House event for ticket customers during pre-game... https://www.stubhub.com/ultimate-pregame/ The plan is to meet up with citysims21 and some guys from the Green Legion. Once I get my lanyard and drink tickets, I’ll do some mingling with the former NFL’ers that will be there (Randall!) and then head to the stadium and see what’s going on in the main event area before grabbing my seat. Stoked doesn’t begin to describe it.