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    Houston Eagles fans?

    My fox station in houston has the New Orleans Saints game on instead of the eagles, it had the eagles originally listed, but then mid-week it changed to the saints
  2. humeknew

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Yo, texadelphia has the most horrible tasting cheesteaks around...but they do show the eagles on the big screen...usually. However, Jakes Philly steaks is actually very close to texadelphia, both are in the galleria area, and the connection to philly seems deeper there, so perhaps there would be more bird fans there.
  3. humeknew

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Guys, i lived in Houston for 2 years, and you may find some eagles fans at texadelphia, but DO NOT EAT THE CHEESESTEAKS!!! I know they have another fan watching place down there, but I don't know where its at. but again, don't eat the steaks...maybe try the hoagie but its not that great either.