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  1. Trent takes stitches and tased at a night club but stayed standing. Apparently, he was assaulted by several people 2 ended up in the hospital and no charges on Trent but there were on 5 other people. The NFL is holding him out of the Pro-Bowl for precautionary reasons.
  2. I almost guarantee that RGIII's knee was a cover-up since the Ravens game. I am not really qualified to say that but based on watching the way that organization runs for the last 20 years and what was at stake, my spider senses are tingling.
  3. DC will explode if Shanny brings him back early and he reinjures his leg in the first couple of weeks.
  4. My point is more to the fact that the Skins struggle with this type of building your team but I understand what you are saying. Look at the way the Eagles stole from the Skins, Cards and Dophlins in the last 10 years with so-so or over the hill players.
  5. You are talking about the #6 pick just 2 years ago, he is worth at least a strong 3rd or low 2nd, thoughts?
  6. I live in Arlington, VA and I am well versed in the ostrich like behaviors of said Skins fans. If they had any intelligence, the Skins management that is, they would be shopping Orakpo right now. Jackson did a hell of a job in his place, and Orakpo could get them a couple of draft picks which they desperately need. My guess is they will do what they did with Cris Cooley and Fred Davis showed he was very good, the skins kept Cooley 2 seasons too long. They should have traded him and they should trade Orakpo now. Also, they get another 16 million cut from their cap next years, so they won't be free agent hunting too much.
  7. LCL and ALC full reconstruction is being reported on WTEM (DC sports radio).
  8. People are totally discount this kids abilities outside running the ball. Watching him all year (I live in the DC area) and can tell you that this is not like a raw Donovan McNabb, Mike Vick, or any other running QB one can think of. Think more like Steve Young, Warrren Moon, I won't mention the elite QBs because he hasn't earned it but if this kid had the 90's Dallas O-line, he could stand there and pick apart defenses.
  9. RGIII reminds me much more of Steve Young than anyone mentioned to date.
  10. Me too, move to NoVa in 1991, their last Superbowl year. I actually thought Washington was a great football town when I arrived. I was mistaken.
  11. Start now and continue for the next 30 years, would be my suggestion.
  12. You might be right, on the scroll bar during the pregame on NFL Network. There was a statement that some doctors believe he was hurt much worse during the Ravens game than they would let on.
  13. Does anyone think that RGIII looked more hobbled at the start of the game than at the end of the Dallas game? I sure did, and I think that he reinjured his knee during the week and then played yesterday on a leg much worse than the week before. I was texting my Skins fans friends yesterday and telling them that I thought RGIII was seriously injured and that it was noticeable in the 1st quarter. Did anyone else think this?
  14. I think Kyle Shanahan should be kissing RGIII's hickory bat.
  15. Don't forget about his intelligence, he finished both high school and college early. My cousin got his PhD from the Baylor School of Medicine and that school is no joke. He most leathel weapon is his brain.