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  1. Gotta go Buffalo myself. Allen showed a lot better in yr2 then his rookie season. HJe gave the bills a 16-0 lead on the road in the playoffs. One bad call IMO to start the 2nd half could have put a nail in the coffin of the Texans, but it went the other way and Houston used as the start of the comeback. Buffalo is on the cusp. a free-agent signing here and there, a solid draft, continued development of Allen I could see the Bills possibally playing in February in the next few seasons
  2. bumpy93

    Raiders agree to trade Khalil Mack to Bears

    There is 0% chance the Raiders would just release Mack if his holdout carried over into the regular season. I don't even think Chip Kelly is that stupid/arrogant to just flat out release one of the top 3 pass-rushers in the nfl. I could see the Raiders accepting a lot less then (2) 1st rd picks, and a 3rd rd pick from someone if this would have carried into the regular season. Maybe something like a 1st & 3rd, IMO
  3. bumpy93

    Week 1 Schedule

    Bumpy93's wk# 1 winners Eagles Ravens Bengals Texans Jags CLEVELAND BROWNS!!!!!! Vikings Saints Titans Chargers Panthers Broncos Cardinals Bears Lions Rams
  4. bumpy93

    Andrew Luck

    I think he would be alright if he missed another year (in terms of him being able to come back and play) He isnt playing a position where he needs speed such as WR, RB, DB........ Aslong as his arm allows him to throw a football he will be able to come back from an extended period of time IMO
  5. Well, make that 3 of us. Thats all type of thick.
  6. I thought it was going to have a retractable roof
  7. But they are getting a $600mil relocation fee (or $500mil) I think they might be okay with that, with the 3 teams moving that will be $1.5bil - $1.8bil in relocation fees. Don't that get divided up to the teams or something like that?
  8. In 1994 when they announced the 2 expansion teams starting in the 1995 season they gave Carolina one of the franchises but then they gave the 2nd franchise to the city of Jacksonville, and told Baltimore to spend their money and build a new museum. Paul T. thought that would be better then in Baltimore.
  9. just like people thought that Jacksonville would be a better place for a team then Baltimore.
  10. WOW ! Oakland couldn't step up for years then they refused to due anything as for a new stadium, and now they know that Mark Davis has what he wants in Las Vegas. Now the city of Oakland knows it isn't a bluff, and now are trying to do this and that but Davis had his mind made up already. I kinda hope they leave the name in Oakland in case they do get another team eventually. 2 relocations in a matter of 72hrs Half of the AFC West will play in new cities this year
  11. bumpy93

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    People are finally giving Derek Carr his due. Prior to the 2014 draft I thought he was going to be just like his older brother David Carr. I was SO WRONG about him, after his finger was dislocated and came back not to long afterwards and pulled a 4th Q comeback, a lot of people are now starting to mention him not only as a good young QB, hes one of the best QB's in the NFL
  12. bumpy93

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    NO.... if he isnt a Eagle in 2012, you dont want him in this division to hurt us 2-3 times a season
  13. bumpy93

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    trade back a few spots, pick up a few extra picks then draft that QB Ryan Tannehill
  14. bumpy93

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Ive heard a few times recently about Manning being traded if they do draft Luck. It would be weird to see Peyton Manning in a uniform that isnt the colts.