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  1. Saw that it was your b-day. Have a great one!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wish!! So from my understanding, that's you in your avi? Your wifey's lucky-- you're hot!! Love that avatar!!

    Thanks a bunch, C!

  3. I upped your rating and I will immortalize you in my sig.

  4. Pretty sure I didn't do anything to warrant a bruisin'....

  5. You're cruisin' for a bruisin'...

  6. Will start recruiting forthwith!!!

  7. Let's start an Eagles union of Gemini fans! We are officially its first two members. Sweet!

  8. My bad. I was going to say, who gives a nickname to that hick town? I was intrigued at that and I also noticed we share the same birthday.

  9. Haha, not quite. I live in the Washington, DC area :)

  10. Fredrock? As in Fredericton, NB?

  11. Love the avatar! The best thing about the vid is that little cocksure jerk of the head he makes to the camera before he flips!