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  1. When the NFL celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1994, teams wore special commemorative jerseys. Some teams did it for one game (Eagles and Packers) while others did it for extended periods of the season (Cowboys "Double Star" and 49ers with a 3D jersey number). Use your editing skills and design what you think a 100th anniversary jersey would look like for any team you choose. Joke submissions fully encouraged and accepted.
  2. Dude just wants his balls coming...wait, that didn't sound right...
  3. LA_Eagle_Fan

    Jeff Fisher Sucks

    If we put everything into this context, then Steve McNair is the greatest QB of all time. Imagine if he had someone OTHER than Fisher during his prime years!
  4. LA_Eagle_Fan

    Time for the Rams to right a wrong

    Seventeen years ago, the then-St. Louis Rams were 14-point favorites entering Super Bowl 36 against a nobody New England Patriots team, and they blew it. We didn't know it at the time, but those damn Rams handed the reins of the NFL to the Evil Empire while their Greatest Show on Turf dynasty-that-never-was crumbled, and they eventually high-tailed to LA. Now with the Patriots still going strong in their twilight, the Rams can finally conquer the Evil Empire just like we thought we did last year (I say "thought we did because it's clear they haven't been fully conquered yet).
  5. LA_Eagle_Fan

    Chicago Bears Control Our Destiny

    Looks like they still control our destiny 😀
  6. You know what I just realized? This is two years in a row that the Eagles have knocked the Vikings from the playoffs
  7. Looks like the league figured out how to unlock big head mode in NFL Blitz 🤣 Link to story
  8. They’re actually shin-high crew socks that have gotten loose from being worn for years. That and I don’t adjust them throughout the day ever.
  9. Hah! This was 30-45 minutes prior to kickoff. I got to LFF by 12 noon for a 4 pm game to mingle and tailgate
  10. Yes, that was me. Wait, was it you and your buds who corrected my mistake?
  11. (On a mobile device and can’t quote the whole article. Worth a read though.)
  12. Well, it doesn’t make up for the loss, but touring LFF today was awesome ?
  13. It’s my own personalized jersey that I got on the cheap from eBay. I refuse to purchase a jersey with a name on the back that isn’t my own. Anyway, the game was disappointing to say the least. The end result kind of ruined the experience, although I did have a ton of fun pregame.