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  1. Can I come to your next barbeque?

  2. Sexy hiney lover.

  3. Why do you have to specify that you have a "female" arse fetish? Isn't that a given?

  4. David, Next time you're going to "work late", can you at least CALL? I had to wrap the ENTIRE dinner up in tin foil and the roast got all soggy. Dont EVEN get me started on the asparagus! There, I said it, NOW you know why I didn't make coffee this morning. And by the way, if you're going to "borrow" one of my ties dont take the one I laid out for work that day. Cal

  5. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Let go of worries for a whole day and eat and drink too much! :)

  6. F'ing Wannabe Scumbag.

  7. Fill out your "About Me" section!

  8. You behave while Mama is away!

  9. grammis is the BEST!!!!! LOVE you!!!<3

  10. Missed you baby doll!