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  1. downundermike

    Philly Voice article today

    Remove that writers access to the team. If the fans are not happy about click bait and the players come out and say its BS, get em outta here.
  2. downundermike

    Philly Voice article today

    Dave Do you think anyone in the front office pays any attention to click bait articles like that ?? The author's of articles like this need to be punished for this click bait. Post a poll on the homepage, and after the votes are cast, the Eagles should take appropriate action against these writers based on fan response.
  3. downundermike

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    Agreed. I also prefer the Saints do not make the playoffs.
  4. downundermike

    The Call People SHOULD be Complaining About

    FYP The NFL just needs a booth reviewing the replays we all see and over ruling the officials on the field. It would not slow the game down like replay as they get multiple looks to make a decision.
  5. downundermike

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    BB confusing a young QB is pretty common
  6. downundermike

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    Cmon Chiefs
  7. downundermike

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    Let’s go Rams, F Da Saints.
  8. downundermike

    Seahawks signed Paxton Lynch

    Hundley is a FA
  9. downundermike

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Best movie ever
  10. He did admit what happened, he was hurt during a work out during the off season. Do you have some conspiracy theory ??
  11. People asked about this the other day, why would he restructure after just doing it last year. My answer, because then he can get back what he lost, GUARANTEED MONEY.
  12. Well I misunderstood. Seems kinda dumb, I would think a corresponding move scenario would be the best approach.
  13. I am sure there is some type of corresponding move period ?? Not sure, but I believe there is.