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  1. downundermike

    Brees is actually OVERRATED

    That team is gonna be a mess after Brees retires. Cap problems and limited draft picks.
  2. downundermike

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for beating his son

    Once again the NFL is proving as long as there’s not a video of something you are OK, the second Kareem Hunts video came out the Chiefs cut bait. This incident is way worse but because nobody has seen it the Chiefs are keeping him on the roster.
  3. downundermike

    The Colts Might Be Setting Up For A Crazy Offseason

    Definitely, or not at all.
  4. Eagles OL coach is high on him and he won’t make it till round 4 so .......
  5. downundermike

    Brees is actually OVERRATED

    If this thread got 1 star, it would be actually overrated
  6. downundermike

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    I am not worried about Case Keenum
  7. downundermike

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    I love our division so much. Seems like we have the only front office that doesn’t appear to have lost its mind on a daily basis.
  8. Mike Davis would definitely not be the worst option, always thought he has really done well anytime he was given an opportunity.
  9. downundermike

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    By his new team do you mean Carr’s new team, or rstarter’s new team, or both ??
  10. downundermike

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I wonder if they still see notifications when they log in ??
  11. Top 5 and top 10 pick, not an option for the Eagles.