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  1. NoDakIggle

    North Dakota Eagles fan

    Have read, but don't post, on Dave's stuff since early 2000s. Since '99 I generally only post on eaglesfansonly. Lived in Camden in the late 50s/early 60s then in Camden County. Lived in ND since '92. See birds fans at Sports on Tap in Minot off and on but still aren't many out here.
  2. NoDakIggle

    Wentz in ND?

    Dave, I see Carson plans to have some of the WRs in ND. How can a guy get a message to him? I'm a 61 year old guy who grew up in Camden that has been out here a lot of years. There aren't many bird fans out here but I have been on the bandwagon since the days of my childhood idols Tommy Mac and Pete Retzlaff. While I know this won't be a public gig I would absolutely love to watch them throw the ball around a little. So if they will be hanging around a public field I'd love to make the trip.