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  1. to quote the great Mod11, "Don't go away mad... just go away."

  2. Jail isn't really a job, dude. Nice try.

  3. Enjoy your trip!

  4. I haven't harassed you since Apr. 14th.

  5. Ok. How come I'm the only one leaving you comments??????

  6. I couldn't pull up that game you left for me on April 1st. So what was it?

  7. Ok, ok, I'm backing off. Actually, I'm going away for Easter. But I'll be back! check in then!!!!

  8. You're really keeping up with this stalking thing.

  9. Been missing me?

  10. Just checking in on you! Why haven't you added me as your friend???????

  11. My visitation is behind schedule. Consider this visit #1

  12. You're behind on your 3x weekly visit of my profile.