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  1. Browns got screwed.
  2. L.E.

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    Hey Cowboys...
  3. L.E.

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    Stupid question to be sure, but when did they change it to the 25 yard line?
  4. Damn Jimmy G get yours.
  5. You have no QB. Sit down and shut up.
  6. L.E.

    Sam Bradford to Cardinals: 1 year/$20 Million

    That's an OG insult. Brings me back to the Foles vs Vick glory days.
  7. L.E.

    Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    Did you put your MAGA hat on to write all of that?
  8. L.E.

    Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    Idiotic on several fronts.
  9. L.E.

    Guess Cousins will get paid from the Vikes

    I still don't get these numbers for Cousins. The guy isn't even elite.
  10. L.E.

    Other teams Gameday Threads

    I kind of feel for that fanbase. Blowing that lead the way Atl did last year had to be crushing.
  11. L.E.

    2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    Dak is a scrub. Foles is legit.
  12. My nephew lives in PA so he doesn't care.
  13. LOL that was brutal. Dak is a scrub
  14. L.E.

    Finding every team's EDP445

    Is that dude their shoulderpad shawn?
  15. L.E.

    Alex Smith to Washington

    I legit just heard about this two minutes ago. Damn, I work way too many hours. Seems like a downgrade to me.
  16. L.E.

    AFC Championship: Jaguars @ Patriots.

    Either team can beat them but you're right, it's probably not happening. I know it's great for NE fans but it's starting to get stale AF for the rest of us.
  17. L.E.

    AFC Championship: Jaguars @ Patriots.

    The Patriots are going to the SB? How very interesting and original. Meh.
  18. Damn, that shade though.