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  1. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    Exactly. Let's hear more about that! Not about the running back who is getting stuffed repeatedly.
  2. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    That is my issue. Mccaffery may turn out to be great. He may be mediocre. I have no clue what he has done all season. Nor do I care. But what I do care about is having to listen to announcers talk about him as if he had 100 yards in the first half. And then listen to radio talk about how Carolina not using him properly. He did nothing! Is it because , I don't know, eagles played some pretty good defense? Did anybody talk about that?
  3. Still at the crown plaza? Might have to check it out sometime. We are right outside Tampa On on a side note - how are you watching listening to the game when not at this location? Each time I try to stream mike and Merrill it doesn't work. How can I listen to the games at least???