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  1. Only 10 people who have a job for life. All 9 Supreme Court Justices & Marvin Lewis.
  2. Defense Is a liability

    Hey MJ! Totally agree. I have no idea what Schwartz was doing yesterday. It was giving me bad flashbacks to Billy Davis when we couldn't stop a slant route to save our lives. They needed to press. And to that point, I have no idea why Rasul Douglas wasn't active. Darby was getting macerated. The offsides on the punt was infuriating. Led right to a TD, & we had to hear Chris Spielman talk about "Giants Pride" again for the 1 millionth time. Bradham dropping the pick sent me into a fury though. Third time in 2 weeks. So so frustrating. High schoolers tackle better than what we've seen the last few weeks. That's got to be the most disappointing part of this. Never an excuse for that. Only thing I have with Doug is I still wish he would run a little more (especially now and Ajayi in particular). I think he needs to be the feature back now. I know we started the season RBBC, but that was because we didn't have anybody then that was real lead back material. Now we do. Ride him. Still mix in the others, but less.
  3. Defense Is a liability

    This defense was f'ing atrocious today. Over 500 yards & 29 points to a 2-11 team full of no name scrubs who were averaging 15 points a game. I was actually screaming at the TV today trying to light a fire under their pathetic asses. Haven't done that in years.
  4. Sashi Brown out in Cleveland

    So it seems Jackson won the old coach-GM power struggle. Hey Haslam, we can tell you how those things usually work out.
  5. Alternate jerseys usage

    Seattle game is a Sunday night. We don't play TNF again this year, so no more Color Rush.
  6. Week 8: Steelers @ Lions

    Does it bother anyone else that both LTs in this game are former Eagles defensive linemen? Stupid Chip.
  7. So: Bills have been having a firesale bobby really wants McCoy back some Texans blogger wonders if because they've traded so many other people McCoy might be available too Do I about have that right? Thanks for the waste of time.
  8. He could be good at this. The guy was always really good at talking X's & O's. Actually doing it in games was another story of course.
  9. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    The JRM dream goes to Detroit.
  10. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    They showed some interest in him during the pre-draft process, so it's certainly possible.
  11. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    That's who I wanted. I was pissed when the Vikings pulled ahead of us.
  12. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    I really like the 1st & 3rd picks. Surprisingly I'm a bit lukewarm on Jones. That may be our lack of success with taking injured players influencing me though. I'm also pretty upset we weren't able to get a stud RB, but I don't blame the team for that. I don't think there's really anything they could have done differently.