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  1. KOJO

    This week is a Statement Game

    To whom exactly? We'll be lucky if Agholor and/or Hollins get open deep once or twice. And who throws 15 bombs a game anyway, even in today's NFL?
  2. I can understand them just wanting to be done with him, but they probably should have put him on the "left team" list so he couldn't sign anywhere else. There need to be repercussions for crap like this.
  3. Somebody get this guy some psychiatric help before it's too late.
  4. Well, there you have it.
  5. KOJO

    Laremy Tunsil traded to the Texans

    That's bonkers. The Eagles got Jason Peters, a HOF tackle, for a 1st, a 4th, & a 6th under the same contract circumstances.
  6. And it continues
  7. Guess this girl or his kid are gonna have to end up dead before they'll do anything. and of course...
  8. They're actually considering letting a gerontophilic rapist back out on the street? The justice system in this country is forked.
  9. Meh, maybe I'm just letting the twittersphere influence me. Just seems like they should have gotten more. The 3rd rounder they got isn't even the better of the 2. Either way, looks like Gettleman is public enemy #1 right now.
  10. Looks like I'm kind of on an island with this but I think the Giants did laughably bad here. 26 year old, top 3 WR in the NFL? I would have expected at a minimum a 1 & a 2. Don't think Peppers is anything special either.
  11. KOJO

    Antonio Brown Saga

    Aaaaand he's off to the tundra of upstate NY.
  12. KOJO

    Bears new kicker....BWahhhahhhahahh!!!

    Almost as good as when the Packers kept signing Jamaal Fudge every offseason.