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  1. He could be good at this. The guy was always really good at talking X's & O's. Actually doing it in games was another story of course.
  2. The JRM dream goes to Detroit.
  3. They showed some interest in him during the pre-draft process, so it's certainly possible.
  4. That's who I wanted. I was pissed when the Vikings pulled ahead of us.
  5. I really like the 1st & 3rd picks. Surprisingly I'm a bit lukewarm on Jones. That may be our lack of success with taking injured players influencing me though. I'm also pretty upset we weren't able to get a stud RB, but I don't blame the team for that. I don't think there's really anything they could have done differently.
  6. I realize the jury will be out for a while on whether the Niners' moves worked or not, but how sad is it that a guy can basically just come in off a broadcast booth & light everything on fire, while others spend decades trying to do that & continually fail?
  7. Seems like they wanted Howard or Allen. Personally I don't think they could have gone wrong with any of the 3 but I'm glad it was Barnett. And yes, Andy doing Andy things. Mahomes is a quintessential boom or bust guy.
  8. No doubt. The knuckleheads in TATE are crying up a flowing river of tears though.
  9. Allen's shoulders must be awful. I never expected them to take Howard after the run on offense. Love Barnett. I'm stoked.
  10. You mean you wouldn't be happy with Charles Harris, the late-rising undersized "fastball" DE that people have connected to the Eagles?
  11. I think he'll be really good at this. But wow, shooting right to the #1 analyst spot? Not sure how well that's going to go over inside the business.
  12. Ridiculous that Zeke didn't win that. Nice to see Dak so humble though.
  13. Coughlin tried to hire him years ago to be an assistant coach with the Giants when he was still at UNH. He must like him.
  14. Apparently the Jaguars interviewed Chip for their HC position before taking the interim tag off Marrone.