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  1. KOJO

    CBA discussion thread

    Greed of the NFL is going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. This would be awful.
  2. KOJO

    SUPER BOWL LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

    Sorry to say but he's probably got a better chance of getting another before we do.
  3. KOJO

    Draft Talent Evaluators

    Jacobs had more rushing yards, but he was also a bell cow for them from day 1; Sanders lapped him in receiving yards. He also would have cost a 1st round pick. You don't spend 1st round picks on RBs. While I agree with your point that talent evaluation here needs to be exponentially better, this was the wrong example to try to make that argument with.
  4. KOJO

    Kevin Stefanski new Browns HC

    lolwut No wonder that organization is such a clogged toilet. Now they've got a baseball executive forcing edicts on the head coach who's, what, going to have to run his play calls through some analytics guy in a suit on game days? Also haven't seen the name Dustin Fox in a while. I remember when he was an Eagle.
  5. Agree. Has a similar tenor to that Wentz hit piece, albeit different circumstances. Don't believe everything you read.
  6. KOJO

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    So let's see......indefinite suspension upheld & likely earned himself a defamation suit along with possible pending criminal charges. Brilliant.
  7. KOJO

    Week 11: Steelers @ Browns

    Yep. Good luck to Jon Runyan figuring this out.
  8. KOJO

    Week 11: Steelers @ Browns

    That was right up there with Albert Haynesworth stomping on Andre Gurode's face.
  9. KOJO

    Week 11: Steelers @ Browns

    No lie. Attempted murder right there.
  10. KOJO

    Chargers Potential Move to London is messed up

    I would think so. In terms of geography most likely the Texans would take their place in the AFCW & the Dolphins would move to the AFCS. Anyway this is beyond stupid & should never happen. They never should have left San Diego. But because nobody can admit their mistake about LA we get this.
  11. I can understand them just wanting to be done with him, but they probably should have put him on the "left team" list so he couldn't sign anywhere else. There need to be repercussions for crap like this.
  12. Somebody get this guy some psychiatric help before it's too late.
  13. Well, there you have it.
  14. KOJO

    Laremy Tunsil traded to the Texans

    That's bonkers. The Eagles got Jason Peters, a HOF tackle, for a 1st, a 4th, & a 6th under the same contract circumstances.
  15. Guess this girl or his kid are gonna have to end up dead before they'll do anything. and of course...
  16. They're actually considering letting a gerontophilic rapist back out on the street? The justice system in this country is forked.
  17. Meh, maybe I'm just letting the twittersphere influence me. Just seems like they should have gotten more. The 3rd rounder they got isn't even the better of the 2. Either way, looks like Gettleman is public enemy #1 right now.
  18. Looks like I'm kind of on an island with this but I think the Giants did laughably bad here. 26 year old, top 3 WR in the NFL? I would have expected at a minimum a 1 & a 2. Don't think Peppers is anything special either.