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  1. Paul852

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    They gave up three 3rd and was already over.
  2. Paul852

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    Refs may have turned Saints vs Chiefs into Rams vs. Patriots. This is sad.
  3. Paul852

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    Man, could you imagine if both games were decided by terrible calls?
  4. Paul852

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    If it was any other team I'd feel bad but I feel like the last 2 years has been beautiful karma for Payton.
  5. Paul852

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    That's silly. Tom is the GOAT. Football is a team sport. His defense gave up 41 points and he threw for 500+ yards and 3 TDs. Because he lost you're going to tell me those aren't HOF/Legendary numbers? That has only happened 5 other times (500+ yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs) and Brady did it in the Super Bowl at 40 years old!
  6. Paul852

    Browns release quarterback Brock Osweiler

    Man, you must be bad when even Cleveland will pay you 16 million to go away.
  7. Paul852

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Any NFL fan should be concerned about how this has been handled. It's an embarrassment and this is the closest I've seen somebody being railroaded since....well, since Brady. This could very well happen to one of our players next.
  8. Hi Paul.  Thank you for reading my post and commenting.

  9. Paul852

    honestly, who saw it?

    Holy crap, you're right. Why are people even complaining about this?
  10. Paul852

    honestly, who saw it?

    Easy solution for the Falcons. Don't hold the damn receivers.
  11. Paul852

    honestly, who saw it?

    Did you see the holds though? It would have been abhorrent if they didn't call them.
  12. Paul852

    Thoughts on Matt Ryan and Julio Jones?

    Has anyone seen TheSilence? I'm a little worried about him.
  13. Paul852

    Thoughts on Matt Ryan and Julio Jones?

    You don't throw that ball at all with a chance to go up 2 scores with three minutes left in the game. That was a travesty.
  14. That happens all the time. Happened to the Eagles in San Fran a few seasons ago.
  15. Eh, it happens. I was once wheeling around a shopping cart with a purse in it for about 5 minutes before I even noticed that it wasn't my cart and I didn't own a purse. It was about that time I heard "Shoppers, please look at your car to ensure you have the right one"