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  1. Anyone need an extra ticket for this Saturday's event at the Linc? The wife doesn't want to go and I'm just trying to get my money back. PM of interested. I think it was $60 after fees.
  2. Spend the $ and reserve the Independence Hall Ticket ahead of time. You have to pick up the tickets an hour before the reservation but at least you are guaranteed.. if you really want to see it. It is the only historical spot in town that takes reservations, unless you want to check out the MINT as well.
  3. aziz15

    Parade at the Linc?

    I ended up taking the 84 year old relative in the wheelchair.. it was a pain the a** but definitely ended up as a good ending. Got off the EL at 13th St and walked towards the art museum. Figured we would go to the South side of waking oval as they said there would be ada seating is there. Got to the very front only to be told Adam is on the other side and I would have to circle back and around. After all of the crossings closed and without help from unhelpful police officers we walked all the way back to 23rd St and made the turn towards the other side of the museum. We tried 2 roads and they were already blocked off and had to double back as this point we couldn't even see a TV screen. We walked to the side of the museum and was once again told that this was not for ada.. until a supervisor came over and he let us in and told the guy it is also for Ada. So we wheel right up to the black & white seats, (black seats were friends of the city, white seats were friends and family). We watch the ceremony from the back of the white section! The downside of this is that I was with my brother And his friend and we had to separate from them , their view of the festivities was not so great since we took all that time in the morning doubling back :( After the ceremony was over when everyone started to crowd the steps and I followed... Was able to snap a photo at the podium... Pretty cool view!
  4. aziz15

    Parade at the Linc?

    No, not shut anyone out but for the older fans it would be nice to have something in the stadium so they can enjoy in relative comfort. I'm 35 (only a STH for 5 years) and I can deal with the mass of people, my 84 year old grandfather-in-law won't be able to. The Phillies had the parade go down Broad and ended in their stadium (passing through the Linc), people still felt a part of the action/parade, no? Season ticket holders had first dibs to inside the stadium, the rest went up shorty after to fill it up.
  5. aziz15

    Parade at the Linc?

    I'd settle for a place up front for STH like they did at the draft. I'd like to take an older relative but realistically he wouldn't be able to go unless there was a reserved spot... Kindof hoping they would of done it like the Phillies.. ending St the LiNC for Season ticket holders
  6. I'm going to say yes because I am sure those seats get an automatic ticket to the Super Bowl. Don't the Suites ( not clubs) get them as well?
  7. I had a friend win so there was a lottery done using season ticket holders. Probably not as many tickets given out as in previous years, but it was done.
  8. aziz15

    Super Bowl Viewing

    I contacted the xfinity person, try giving Paula the promotions director for Xfinity a call @ 215.617.3867 or 856.426.1311. On the 23rd she wrote me back that said she had some locations left in Victory Beer hall and the other bars there. Reserved Table was going for $175 / pp minimum, VIP $200 / pp minimum. The other areas ate $175 / pp minimums. #'s for Victory - Kelly @ 215.251.4871 110 Social - - Katie @ 215.907.2057 Broad Street Bullies - Sara @ 215..756.5483 Good Luck, I was going to think about it till I found out that you couldn't bring kids with. Not sure how someone can drink/eat $175, I'd be eating leftovers for a week!
  9. aziz15

    Super Bowl Fan Support

    I know someone that hit the lottery and got a pair of tix. Face Value $1,250 each.
  10. aziz15

    Super Bowl Tickets Lottery

    In all seriousness... book a hotel now. It is REALLY hard to find a hotel right now in Minnesota apparently. My friend who won can't find anything while I have a room that is 30min away Just make sure to check the cancellation policy and no downpayment option...! AND DONT FORGET YOU MADE A RESERVATION!
  11. aziz15

    Super Bowl Tickets Lottery

    They already sent out my rejection letter at 11:24.. I know someone that won so.. there is that.
  12. aziz15

    Super Bowl Tickets Lottery

    The corporations are the ones the NFL gives the tickets to directly (sponsors). The NFL did try to curb scalping the raffled tickets from the general public where you had to show up to the stadium the day of the game to pick up your ticket.. but it was already after you entered the building, now leaving. I think that was started with the bowl in New York. This year they didn't sell any general public tickets instead they gave them to the teams to give away.
  13. Xfinity Live is the only thing down there within earshot of the stadium to get "the vibes" from. If you are going to find a bar to go to, I would imagine just going to your local bar that you know and love would suffice. Either that or find a tailgate that has a TV and ask to join them.
  14. I read that the supplier sold out of the 500 they had and ordered another 300 that was quickly sold out. They are made in China so they said they said supplying anymore would be difficult. I read that the supplier sold out of the 500 they had and ordered another 300 that was quickly sold out. They are made in China so they said they said supplying anymore would be difficult.