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  1. yup, the app crashed when I tried to enter the gates for the preseason. Had one ticket scan and then the app crashed. Good Times. I was there EARLY too, maybe 15 minutes after the gates opened.
  2. aziz15

    Novacare Practices

    I went on Sunday, had a good time... I have been a couple times since they started there. Instead of them paying for a player to come over after practice for autographs they gave a ball that looked like a "game ball." It is pretty cool looking but would look great with some auto's on it.
  3. Just looked on my ticket account to grab my ticket for tomorrow. I usually grab a screenshot so I don't have to worry about stumbling through the app. The barcoded screen now says screen shots are not valid and I noticed the barcode changing constantly. If I wasn't going to the game I would have just sent the screen shot to the person that was going ( mainly my older parents ) to make it easier for everyone. This is going to be a mess if I can't send tickets out this way!!!!!
  4. Didn't they swap Mens/Womens restrooms at a certain point? I think they took some women rooms and made them mens.
  5. tix are still available for some games, I have been tooling around for a bit just to see what pops-up, just keep reloading the tix and get rid of the stupid Resale thing through filtering them out.
  6. I ended up loading up three different browers, google and IE on my computer and my ticketmaster app. I got into the queue and as soon as it opened up and there was only 1 person ahead of me on the chrome browser for the Giants game at 9:45 as I was trying different games on the 3 different platforms. The only areas were available were upper level corners.. I actually grabbed 3 seats directly behind my season tickets since I could use the map. $410 for 3 seats after fees.
  7. I am kind of shocked that the year went by and we didn't really get a great gift for winning the Super Bowl. I did get the flag and replica tickets but I kind of was expecting more. I was a partial ticket holder with the Phillies in 2008 and got a set of etched pint glasses. I kind of was expecting a little higher class from the Eagles.
  8. If you have a ADA placard they do have Day Of Game parking next to the stadium (They don't advertise it and it is First Come - First Served). I go with my dad who has one due to his issues.
  9. Anyone have parking for Giants tomorrow?
  10. I haven't tried to transfer them recently but if you get desperate you can always login to your account and take a screen shot of the barcode toxket and just text it to the person. I had issies wirh adding the rox to Stub Hub as it was constantly hitting an error but that was only for 1 game a whole back.
  11. Wondering if there was anyone who pays for parking that isn't going to the game and has a pass available? Let me know!
  12. aziz15

    Vip stadium tour

    What is the gift they give you?
  13. Anyone want 8/5 instead of 8/11 ? I would like to switch tickets to the 8/11 date as someone is now unable to attend the 8/5 camp.
  14. Anyone? I am really looking to only to get my money back.
  15. I wrote you to the side. If anyone else is interested please let me know!