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  1. Have you tried twitter? Seriously, what other thing out there gets you directly to the person you are seeking advice from.
  2. During the day games you stare into the sun. I rather sit on the Eagles side
  3. I don't want anyone stealing my grill so I bring an aluminum tray that I put the hot coals in when I am done. Time for the grill to cool off before it goes into the car while the pan of coals (covered with foil ) stays outside during the game.
  4. Bring food into the game is fine, no drinks are allowed in. A lot of people pass on this but sign up for the "designated Driver program" at the gate when you first get in. They give you a ticket for a free soda, any size, inside the stadium.. Even good for those souvenir cups that go for $7-8.
  5. I was on the list for 10 years and got my call 2 years ago to coincide with Chips beginning. Offered 2 tix in various seat locations ( all upper deck because that is the non-SBL location)., I did turn 2 tix into 3 by asking nice. I went to the stadium and asked to look at the choices available and to make sure that crazy phone call was real. I have another request on the waiting list and they said that the waiting list number never changes but the # they are taking moves up. So just because you are 15,000 doesn't mean you have 15,000 people before you,
  6. They take credit cards in the official parking lots (wells fargo, CPB, etc..)