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  1. EpyonXero

    Week 15: Saints @ Panthers

    The Rams and Saints peaked too early.
  2. EpyonXero

    Week 15: Saints @ Panthers

    He needs to let it fly like Foles
  3. EpyonXero

    Week 15: Saints @ Panthers

    Man, both of these teams look like garbage.
  4. EpyonXero

    Week 13: Saints @ Cowboys

    Chris Long's wife looks just like his mom...
  5. EpyonXero

    Anyone else going to London?

    Yeah I get it. I was planning to go to the Rams game in LA this year but at this rate Im leaning towards not spending the money to see Jalen Mills get double-moved by Brandin Cooks all day. I can do that at home.
  6. EpyonXero

    Week 3: Jets @ Browns

    Yes! I saw Mayfield go in motion and said "Its a trick!"
  7. EpyonXero

    Week 2: Seahawks @ Bears

    That garbage time TD from Russell Wilson won me my fantasy match up.
  8. EpyonXero

    Week 2 Open Discussion.

    Pats are going to win
  9. EpyonXero

    Week 2 Open Discussion.

    I thought that tackle broke his hip.
  10. EpyonXero

    Week 1: Saints @ Vikings

    If Wentz could throw the deep ball like Brees just did wed be unstoppable.
  11. EpyonXero

    Week 1: Giants @ Cowboys

    Dont get too excited. Both offenses look like garbage, Dak cant throw and the Giants oline looks like swiss cheese. The Eagles are going to destroy Eli.