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  1. and Obama is a mear 6" shorter than VD's wang. Charlie Casserly reported this morning that the 49ers could trade VD to the Miami Dolphins in order to prevent VD from impregnating the women of San Francisco. What the 49ers FO people don't quite understand is that VD can still impregnate the women of San Fran by squirting a load into the San Fran bay ......... from Miami Beach.
  2. I'm not so sure about that. If the Falcons trade up to get Quinn, he could get infected with herpes by slipping into Vick's used jock.
  3. Amen brother. Amen! It's hard to believe it's been an entire year since this whole thing started. Who will be this year's Vernon Davis?
  4. At the request of both NASA and the United Nations, Vernon has begun an extensive training program with legendary Oakland A's hitting coach, Dave Hudgens. After the 9 year program is completed, Vernon will be able to knock asteroid 2001 KX76 back into space, thus avoiding an extinction level event. Book your seats early, as the light show is expected to be an unequaled event in the history of the planet.
  5. Do you wanna make some babies so your welfare check goes up?

  6. Cake is the best band ever, and it's also the best food ever.

  7. Thanks for the free season tix Baldy.

  8. Made "Owned Like Gambone" (OLG) the coolest tagline in the theatre of war!

  9. Says the guy with so little confidence in his own manhood. In place of that, may I suggest searching your true feelings, which in your case I have no doubt would result in the dropping of trou in some secluded location behind a rest stop.
  10. We are just making stuff up. YOU are the one reading it. So what is G to the A to the Y again?
  11. Oh my God. The immense size of Vern's manhood has truly gone to his head if he now thinks of himself as Xerxes.