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  1. Chiefs cut him because he's not a 10mil$ WR.
  2. i'm sorry but isn't Jacksonville's D horrible
  3. perhaps desean should think more about extending the ball over the goal line then who ruined the eagles.
  4. they can if there team is still active
  5. honestly the giants are better then the eagles in every almost every aspect on O. I do give a slight edge to the eagles at RB. that being said statistically the giants and eagles finished close in the major O categories. I just don't see what advantage he would bring over say pat shermur.
  6. how is he technically available he wasn't fired. Only coughlin and the team parted ways. Technically he's still under contract.
  7. most of this year I don't blame on the coordinator. This D was actually good when Kiko was out and hicks was in. It was better then I thought it would be. Then hicks went down and the entire thing went to ish
  8. Simple NO
  9. hey whats up tried calling you the other day guess i have an old number call or text me some time at 215-651-1541 been to long

  10. westbrook never missed as many games as people thought he did and LJ Smith never fumbled as much as people thought he did.
  11. now were headed in the right direction. This thing might be salvageable yet
  12. don't forget the 60 some yards that were called back because of penalties including a 36 yard scamper
  13. buckley seriously? The dude only gets called in when the entire world knows a run is coming. he's basically running QB sneaks only allowing the DL time to get push since he's not directly under center
  14. people who have nothing left always fall back on bashing grammer, or personal insults. This is how i know you know your wrong. you and runtherock should hang out together