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  1. MD Eagles Fan

    Gronk Retires

    They play in such a weak division that they can still win 12+ games
  2. MD Eagles Fan

    Hey Alvin!

    Who dat? dat dem boyz that will be watching the Superbowl from home
  3. MD Eagles Fan

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    Remember when someone declared the Eagles the Gold Standard? The Patriots can easily claim that slogan for themselves
  4. MD Eagles Fan

    Brees-Brady SB

    2nd chiefs vs rams
  5. Anyone but the Saints
  6. MD Eagles Fan

    Week 15: Saints @ Panthers

    Steelers beat them this weekend in NO
  7. MD Eagles Fan

    NFC & AFC Championship Game Predictions?

    Rams vs Saints & Chiefs vs Chargers
  8. MD Eagles Fan

    Beating the Birds totally gave the Cowgirls confidence

    I honestly think the cowboys win tonight. Which as an eagles fan would be adding salt to a wound. Means we probably won't win the division(so no playoff) but win enough games to blow our draft picks
  9. MD Eagles Fan

    NFC & AFC Championship Game Predictions?

    Steelers vs Chiefs in AFC, Rams vs Saints NFC
  10. MD Eagles Fan

    Week 11: Chiefs @ Rams

    2 teams I hate the most 1. Saints 2. Seahawks
  11. MD Eagles Fan

    Week 11 Schedule

    Since NE has a bye, hopefully they will show the Eagles up here in Maine
  12. I live in Augusta but this past Sunday I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Topsham vs the Colts and the Eagles were the most represented team (Bear in mind the Pats didn't play till 8:30 pm that day)
  13. MD Eagles Fan

    Jason Witten Announces Retirement

    Glad he will be gone and although I hate to admit it, although a cowboy, he was great
  14. MD Eagles Fan

    NFC Wildcard: Falcons @ Rams.

    I like the Cam/Kuechly combo more favorable than the Brees/Saints RB combo
  15. MD Eagles Fan

    NFC Wildcard: Falcons @ Rams.

    I don't want any part of the Saints. Go Carolina