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  1. I don't know. Kinda just sounds butthurt to me. He was constantly injured his last three seasons or so. It's a business, Troy.
  2. I thought that they were a little overzealous with the penalties for celebrations, but the players are going to abuse this and remind us why they banned them in the first place. " Von Miller wants choreographer to help Broncos with sack, TD celebrations; more notes from OTAs It should come as no surprise that Broncos outside linebacker and "Dancing With the Stars” alumnus Von Miller is among those excited about the NFL’s relaxed celebration rule. Although his infamous Key & Peele "three pumps” are still banned, Miller is now free to get creative in his celebrations and he wants to take full advantage of the opportunity. "I think that is a wonderful thing,” he said of the rule change. "It’s so hard to score a touchdown and it’s so hard to get a sack. The fans, they want excitement. I think a rule change would be great. We have to get a choreographer in here now to for us to really take advantage of the opportunity we have. We have this opportunity and we should really — the entire National Football League will not be able to take advantage of it. But the five percent that do take advantage of it, it could be big. I’m happy with it. Just think about it. "You get a touchdown and you got five offensive linemen and they have a little Temptations routine. It’ll be great. We have to get a choreographer once a week to help all of the guys out because everybody can’t move like me. I think it’s a wonderful thing, not only for the Denver Broncos, but for the entire National Football League.” http://www.denverpost.com/2017/05/24/von-miller-broncos-celebrations-brock-olivo-joe-woods/ So much for speeding up the game. Please, Von, grow up.
  3. Games rarely tie, but I've seen OT games go past 10 mins relatively often, especially since the rule changes of recent years. There are going to be a lot more ties deciding the standings. Also, this would seem to undermine the purpose of what they've been going for with recent rule changes to give each team a more equal opportunity. Now with the period only ten minutes long, the receiving team can much more easily play the clock and score a TD or FG with very little time remaining for the other team. Honestly, I just wish they'd go back to sudden death.
  4. Changing overtime some more, ugh....
  5. Because he exercised his first amendment right, duh!
  6. Football is inherently not safe. If we want everyone to be safe on the field, then let's just dress everyone in bubble wrap and make all hitting illegal. I understand making a few tweaks here and there to make things like head injuries less common and less serious, but we're going down the slippery slope to fundamentally changing any and every aspect of the game to make it "safe." There are plenty of other "safe" sports out there that people can play if they don't like the risks associated with football.
  7. Yay, more rules..
  8. College OT is a joke.
  9. Hey, we agree on something!!!! Of all games, too, this is probably the most absurd one to making this argument for. Atlanta led by 25 points in a game where no team has ever come back from more than 10 down. They had plenty of chances to close this one out. They earned this loss.
  10. It's not about punishing the team. It's about telling players where the best interest of their health lies. These guys play a game that often results in lifelong medical ailments, even for those who have short careers. The NFLPA is essentially saying "work wherever you want, but we don't recommend working for this particular franchise because of the higher risk to your long-term health." Publicly, they're using the only leverage they have to try to apply pressure to the state to not pass legislation that degrades the quality of care players can receive for medical issues relating to their profession, which is a big source of revenue for the state and city of Chicago. This is how people exercise influence in a free society, rather than being beholden to the financial whims of politicians and corporate executives who see people's health in terms of nothing but dollar signs.
  11. Pittsburgh D looks tired and disoriented.
  12. From the Pats 40 yard-line on third and ten, Pittsburgh should've played that as four down-territory. They should've tried to get at least 5 yards on third to gain the 35-yard line and either try to convert or kick a long FG.
  13. Wally gonna Wally...
  14. I don't think he's a bad guy, but I think he's probably conceited and not a great team leader just based off of that clip, whereas before I figured he was probably a pretty humble dude, being a 6th-round pick and all, and a leader in the lockerroom. Just saying that he seems to be more of a primadonna than I realized.