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  1. Cowgirls Got Smoked!

    Dak is strarting to look like more of a game manager to me. He's fine when there's a solid team around him, but he's not going to carry a team on his back. When the line isn't good and he doesn't have his top running back, he doesn't seem to be able to do the extra things to make plays and bail the team out. He generally won't lose you the game, but he doesn't have a very high ceiling for performance. I haven't seen a ton of Dallas games this year, but that's just my take after yesterday when they needed him to step up.
  2. Am I the only Tony Romo hater?

    He has the potential to be good, but he talks a little too much.
  3. Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Detroit@NO is the only one I'm really having trouble with in my pick 'em league. I like Brees and that offense at home, though, and apparnetly Stafford has a bum ankle, but that game could really go either way if the Lions' d shows up.
  4. Stay classy Carolina - fan punches old man

    How much you want to bet this is this punk's dad? Wonder if crooked lawyer daddy can get him out of this one...
  5. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

  6. Odell Beckham = Broken Ankle

    I generally won't fault any pro athlete for crying after a devastating injury. It's a very emotional game these guys put so much into, so I can understand feeling distraught in the moment. But if you're going to act like a tough guy and conduct yourself like a spoiled child every week, and then as soon as the going gets tough, suffer an emotional breakdown in the middle of the field, I'm definitely indulging in some schadenfreude.
  7. Drc to be Suspended

    And then tried to fight Hugh Douglas/AR at Novacare, according to legend.
  8. I would think the fact that he alludes to his family getting a payout in the note would torpedo his case. It's a like a guy committing life insurance fraud. He thought he was being clever, but he was really just being stupid again.
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2017/09/21/aaron-hernandez-was-suffering-from-advanced-form-of-cte-family-files-suit-against-nfl/?tid=sm_fb&utm_term=.2c2ea87d2621
  10. Sliding NFL ratings could throw networks for a loss

    And now we get in-game ads on a split-screen so we can see a commercial before we go to commercials! Brilliant!!!
  11. Sliding NFL ratings could throw networks for a loss

    Just like you try to do in every post that insists this is all Kaepernick's fault. The problem is pretty simple: the product sucks. The NFL has systematically changed the game for the worse in many ways over a 15-year period.
  12. Jim Plunkett: "My Life Sucks at 69"

    Yeah, but I think the point is these guys weren't fully aware of the extent to which they would be sacrificing their bodies and minds. I mean, I get it, what can you expect from using your head like a battering ram, but for decades these guys were told they weren't doing long-term damage. The point Plunkett tries to make, which is a valid one, is that the NFL should make sure these guys get the care they need and deserve when they're older and their bodies begin breaking down. The older generation got nothing in terms of long-term security for their health after sacrificing it to the league.
  13. The NFL product has really deteriorated

    D ick "Night Train" Lane made a HOF career out of hitting receivers in the neck with his forearm and throwing them to the ground by the facemask.
  14. Troy Polamalu has some resentment toward Steelers.

    I don't know. Kinda just sounds butthurt to me. He was constantly injured his last three seasons or so. It's a business, Troy.
  15. Wish the league would allow real celebrations...

    I thought that they were a little overzealous with the penalties for celebrations, but the players are going to abuse this and remind us why they banned them in the first place. " Von Miller wants choreographer to help Broncos with sack, TD celebrations; more notes from OTAs It should come as no surprise that Broncos outside linebacker and "Dancing With the Stars” alumnus Von Miller is among those excited about the NFL’s relaxed celebration rule. Although his infamous Key & Peele "three pumps” are still banned, Miller is now free to get creative in his celebrations and he wants to take full advantage of the opportunity. "I think that is a wonderful thing,” he said of the rule change. "It’s so hard to score a touchdown and it’s so hard to get a sack. The fans, they want excitement. I think a rule change would be great. We have to get a choreographer in here now to for us to really take advantage of the opportunity we have. We have this opportunity and we should really — the entire National Football League will not be able to take advantage of it. But the five percent that do take advantage of it, it could be big. I’m happy with it. Just think about it. "You get a touchdown and you got five offensive linemen and they have a little Temptations routine. It’ll be great. We have to get a choreographer once a week to help all of the guys out because everybody can’t move like me. I think it’s a wonderful thing, not only for the Denver Broncos, but for the entire National Football League.” http://www.denverpost.com/2017/05/24/von-miller-broncos-celebrations-brock-olivo-joe-woods/ So much for speeding up the game. Please, Von, grow up.