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  1. aspiritfall

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for beating his son

    It would be crazy if they ban him for life
  2. aspiritfall

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    Good trade for both teams... F obj good riddance
  3. aspiritfall

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    Rumor is they wore an unregulated fabric for their uniforms which made them lighter and able to move quicker... Why do you think Edelman was shaking defenders so easily
  4. The last of my vacation time is being used for a trip to Vegas... If this was a few years ago I wouldn't miss an Eagles game for anything... My interest in football all together has waned so much over the last couple years... Between all the commercials and Goodell killing the sport all the rule changes and all the controversies football has taken a nose dive... Every Sunday I go to the casino to play poker over watching football anymore
  5. aspiritfall

    Reuben Foster

    I really wanted him... SOOOOO glad we didnt take him...
  6. aspiritfall

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Yeah I mixed up the years... But they still became a dynasty after defeating us... F them
  7. aspiritfall

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    New England can get in next year on the fact that the afc is so terrible... The Steelers look like their only threat so long as they don't blow the game
  8. aspiritfall

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Youre right... I could have sworn Delhomme said something after the coin toss that made me want them to lose...
  9. aspiritfall

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Yeah I have the image of Teddy Bruschi burned into my head with his hand up saying 3... I wanted the Pats to beat the Rams and I was going for the Panthers until Jake Delhomme opened his big mouth when they won the coin toss and the refs asked if they wanted to kick or receive and he says we want the ball we're going to score... When we played them in the Super Bowl I knew we COULD beat them but didnt think we would... This year I had a feeling we would get them... If they didnt have their last 2 SB wins handed to them by piss poor coaching they would be 0-5 in their last 5 appearances... BTW F the Pats
  10. aspiritfall

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    They won their 3rd against us... They became a dynasty by beating us... They beat rams in 01 panthers in 02 and us in 04
  11. aspiritfall

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    Who cares what the Pats fans think... What can they complain about they had the last 2 Super Bowls gifted to them... F the Pats... Bradys reign is over... Should have kept Jimmy G
  12. aspiritfall

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    Cowboys Giants and Steelers... F em all
  13. aspiritfall

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    You hit the nail on the head how I feel too