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  1. I hope they don’t pay Dak 30mil/year. That just means Wentz would be worth a lot more.
  2. How do you feel if it costs the Eagles a trip to the Super Bowl?
  3. Never wish ill health on anyone... even MI.
  4. xitrum


    Witten comes back because Ertz broke his record last year. 🤔
  5. He's just two years removed from Coach of the Year. Well deserved extension, if true!
  6. xitrum

    Dak vs. Wentz

    Nope! He now develops the "jump-pass" and has added it to his repertoire.
  7. xitrum

    Tom Brady's wife should be concerned

    Even Bellicheat gave up when he disconnected his headset. That was with over a minute left in the game! Then they called a bunch of running plays to get it over with.
  8. xitrum

    Clay Matthews was jobbed

    He said the NFL is getting "soft". Tell that to his QB who gave us this rule. Btw, the call was correct per the rule.
  9. xitrum


    "Can you fire a coach during a game?"
  10. I can see the Cowboys scooping him up.
  11. Dak is a real deal. Cowboys should sign him to a megadeal!
  12. xitrum

    Week 1: Bears @ Packers

    Or they could tie.
  13. xitrum


    This is a true statement... for any mediocre QB in the NFL. What does that say about Dak?!
  14. xitrum

    Andrew Luck

    Also from the same draft class, Russel Wilson got his ring.