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  1. #triggeredSnowflake
  2. Why is this so impressive to you? A QB that is speaking politically correct? #Smh
  3. Hated Romo the Qb for the Galboys, love Romo the announcer
  4. Reggie Bush made the Saints popular and the fear of Reggie Bush made teams play the Saints differently. Not to mention Reggie Bush was a huge reason for the Saints Super Bowl win. They rode him all season through the playoffs to the CHIP
  5. Thats why they are called Franchise Qbs!
  6. When you talk about Dak, you have to talk about Zeke. No Zeke, no Dak
  7. Nice pick up! Giants can be scary if that OL was good. Their GM Reese has a good eye for talent too. Its going to be interesting to see them draft at RB and TE
  8. Frank Gore almost has more rushing yards than all of our Rbs combined
  9. I believe we have the highest or second highest point differential in the league. And i think we have the second highest Ppg average in the NFL. That would mean, we can score points with anyone
  10. With all that experience and talent, how many times has Jason been to the playoffs? You're trying to compare a rookie head coach, to a tenured HC
  11. " Players are judged not on the color of their skin, but on their ability to play the game" Ever heard of the **** League So racial divide has gotten worse because of a FOOTBALL GAME protest of the Anthem? Smh! You people have no effin clue I tell you what! Stay in your little bubble with your lipton tea bags and starbucks ceramic mug. Then when you get a clue, come outside and tell me what you learned
  12. You clearly glossed over the fact that he was pointing out that the 3rd stanza in the Star Spangled Banner was a celebration of killing Freedom Fighters and run away slaves. Also the fact that after the US and Britian treaty, US asked for its property back, which was the 6000 slaves. But yea, pointing that out and informing people of history is the absolute lowest point the newspaper can highlight. Carry on
  13. Sidebar: Injury prone is one of those over used terms like, "So and so got caught with marijuana in college (oh the horror) "He has character issues" Your asking for comparison of the 4 doesn't make any sense
  14. DGB kept his nose clean during his rookie year! And the Titans gave up on him prematurely, just like some fans want the Eagles to do with Nelson! But a steal, isn't the word! Howie used the hashtag #novaseline LOL
  15. Have you seen our D Line? Not that concerned