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  1. HE prob wants all guarantees being that they are moving to Vegas in the next year or so
  2. ohsofocused

    Rodgers is a Fraud

    I didn't know Aaron Rodgers played on specials teams, and defense too You put ARod on any team in this league, he improves them. He is the best QB,
  3. ohsofocused

    ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    I cut cable and just have internet! I use the Firestick to watch SlingTv, Netflix, Kodi App etc I can watch anything that’s on cable for $40 a month in apps. My cable bill used to be close to $180/month
  4. ohsofocused

    Dak Prescott cannot possibly be this mature

  5. ohsofocused

    Dak Prescott cannot possibly be this mature

    Why is this so impressive to you? A QB that is speaking politically correct? #Smh
  6. ohsofocused

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    Didnt Micheal Jordan get cut before!! Damn that no talent working so hard to be Great Man