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  1. The new catch rule they came out with was supposed to make things clearer, but it has done the opposite. The old rule was much better.
  2. We are the best team record wise in the League now.I think the Chiefs are going to start a movement to ban this ref crew now from working any Chiefs games in the future.
  3. What's interesting is that he bobbled the ball and didn't get full control until he was over the goal line.
  4. Turbin's arm just got twisted.
  5. The refs would probably allow Seattle's poor offensive line to use stun guns.
  6. Giants are 0-4 in the NFC. This win was against an AFC team, so it won't help them that much in the playoff race. They have to try to beat up on NFCE teams, but they are already 0-2 in the division. They have to run the table in the division the rest of the way and that won't happen.
  7. It looks like Denver blew a 1st rounder on Lynch. 3rd string QB backing up Osweiler. The fact that he couldn't earn the #2 spot is pretty telling.
  8. The Broncos should be motivated considering the Chiefs and the Raiders both lost.
  9. It probably was harder game-planning for Denver not knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Giants' WRs.
  10. The great Gazoo
  11. Should've been picked, but TD.
  12. I'm hoping Jax comes back. We need these NFC teams to get buried.
  13. We should unless the NFL decides to have Pete Morelli and his crew work 2 straight Eagles games.
  14. That was just a horrific penalty. Garcon wasn't running a rub route. He was running a slant. He was looking back at the QB. The LB looked right at Garcon and planted him. It should've been illegal contact.
  15. That's a bad call. The 49ers got ripped off. The LB initiated contact with Garcon.