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  1. You know what they say lives in Texas right :) ? Just disregard that I live in Dallas too :) I am mentally prepared to know Dallas has a great chance to win the SB and be dominant for years. they have had a ton of injuries, no dominant pass rush, no household name in the secondary and they still keep winning. They lost their QB, and WR for extended periods and are 9-1. Eagles do not have any viable excuse.
  2. How do you explain the Cowbpys of the 90's winning titles? Seattle with Marshawn Lynch or The Broncos this year? You can't have a team full of milk drinkers.
  3. This could be the only thing you have posted I have not agreed with. I don't post often but have always liked your take on things.
  4. TATC?
  5. I love the way Honey B plays the game. Plus he's a good dude off the field so this sucks. I wish it was Patrick Peterson the way he was taunting the fans. Either that or he goes into diabetic shock.
  6. Bring back Bruno Mars. He brought old school real R&B Motown style music. Or just give me a 2pac hologram. Legends of Hip Hop, have Andre 3000, Rakim, etc
  7. And you would still win by 20 since his defense would score every week in some fashion
  8. Unrelated question for you friend. Do you have anything I can use to show a co-worker about Brandon Carr? I read a few times I am certain that he gave up around 1000 yards receiving each of the 2 years. I can't locate anything now though. I know he was ranked really low the past 2 years. A co-worker (I'm in Dallas) is certain Carr could be traded to the vikings packaged for AP and he would be an upgraded corner for that team. I dislike the Cowboys but but am a realist and can always talk objectively with peers. More people that talk to each other about football and can respect each others opinions is good to me.
  9. I thought about showing my wife the replay when it happened, but I was worried she would get preggo. And her tubes are tied :(
  10. I immediately thought about this thread when I saw the replay