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  1. Apparently 5.5 sacks warrants holding out for a better contract??
  2. I like Mixon as well.. and we all know he has a brutal Stiff Arm....
  3. DWD the way to get the extra second was last night :) Unfortunately it doesn't seem anyone wanted to trade up
  4. On the surface the Chicago trade looks ridiculous because San Fran wasn't going to take Trubitsky anyway.... Which means Chicago had to be bidding against someone else... Wonder who it could have been... Jets maybe?
  5. I think the Steelers went Watt
  6. GBFL I mean career wise. Fournette will be great for a short term, I want a guy who will be great for a long time with my first pick
  7. You don't waste a 1st round pick for 4 years of service...
  8. I just think of the top 4 RB, Fournette will be the first one to run out of gas. And I'm looking at long term success with Wentz, so I want to surround him with guys I think will be playing a long time. I'd love to watch him play, just don't think it's the best long term choice. Could be wrong, he could be a freak of nature just like Peterson.... But those are few and far between
  9. I think Fournette's running style will shorten his career. You can only try to run over NFL linebackers so many times. However it would be great to see him flatten Sean Lee at the goaline in week 17 for the NFC East Title.
  10. If you watch Mixons tape he looks like a faster David Johnson... Can't go wrong there. Just have to hope he's learned and grown from his extremely bad decision
  11. I'm taking him at 14 unless I can trade back and get him in the 20s
  12. So I have been reading that Davis may be sliding, if we could trade back for an early third or second and get Davis that would be my dream scenario... If we stay at 14 My top picks would be Foster, Davis, Harris, Williams. I've got to believe one of those 4 will be available. Only reason I don't want McCaffery is because I'm on the take Mixon in round 2 bandwagon right now.
  13. I think Huff was all about timing. They had a few bad PR hits in the media in a row and they had to react to his
  14. Foster doesn't concern me as much as Mixon. But I feel we have enough character guys in the locker right now that we can take a few chances.
  15. If we were to open with Foster Mixon would people be happy with that or pissed we hadn't taken a DB yet?