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  1. Everyone keeps talking about how weak the Eagles schedule has been. A few adjustments change that outlook... Opponents against us are 38-50. Let's remove 2 of the 9 teams we've played Giants and 9ers (everyone gets a few cupcakes) That brings us down to 36-33 for combined opponent record, then remove our other 6 wins and our opponents are 35-27. and we are still 6-1 in those games. Strength of Schedule is never as clear as they try to make it seem
  2. [Spadaro] 'It's All About The Team With Him'

    I just don't see it happening. Was O-line is broken right now.
  3. [Spadaro] 'It's All About The Team With Him'

    With all the rain coming, I want to see an old school ground and pound type game. Blount 150 and 2 TDs type of day
  4. [Spadaro] 'It's All About The Team With Him'

    Which is why I'd run the ball to Lane's side. You know teams are going to attack our left, so just run the ball away from the overloaded pressure.
  5. Problem is Vikings are good too. You can get players off bad teams, not really off teams who feel they can compete.
  6. I think you bring Hart in and never make him active. That way you have him in the facility learning. Maybe next year he's a good backup. Big V starts with Seumalu as the backup.
  7. Sounds like if he's in shape, he's on the roster.
  8. Schwartz taking the Chip Kelly approach to play calling.
  9. Wrang, I think he's not eligible for PS because of the games he played as DT. I remember seeing someone saying your PS eligibility should start over if you change sides of the ball. He's got the body type for it if they can get him in and coach him up. I wouldn't be surprised if they had told him to go get some training and wait for a call when they cut him.
  10. It will be Douglas. Because Robinson took Douglas's snaps in base Monday night. Douglas was only in on Nickle and Dime.
  11. Hopefully they learned from that game and come more prepared and focused for that Cowboys game. You know that the Cowpies will be ready to roll
  12. Bradham staying outside but getting the Miked helmet and calling the plays
  13. We are working out Taylor Hart. So that tells you that Big V is the replacement.
  14. Wentz seems like the kind of genuine guy who is just enjoying the ride. I don't see the MVP talk getting to him at all. He wants to in championships, not individual awards.