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    It took 57 years but Lombardi is finally in Philly.
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  1. Caribbean Soul

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    LMAO...................Really. Sorrry ig ther r any typos. i fel on the flr
  2. Caribbean Soul

    Is Antonio Brown worse than Terrell Owens?

    The whole thing was a set-up between him and the Cheatriots. He got what he wanted and Belli****d too. BS. The Raiders should have held on to him and put him on the refused to play list or whatever they call it and made him sit with no money for a year.
  3. Caribbean Soul

    Kaepernick and Reid settle collusion case with NFL

    This whole thing was phony from the get go. Kaepernick doesn't care about any "social issues." He was going to get cut, and rightfully so, so he developed an inflammatory issue so it would look racial if the niners let him go.
  4. Caribbean Soul

    Monday Night Football announcing team.

    I don't watch it or Thursday night anymore unless the Eagles are playing.
  5. Caribbean Soul

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Hey no name how about you Kiss my Fin a** To the rest of you who answered, thanks. I just wanted to know why 'cause it seemed you were cutting off others, but now I understand. No slam intended.
  6. Caribbean Soul

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Hey no name, not really interested in doing you a favor so why don't you just Kiss my Fin a**. To the rest of you that answered, thanks, I was just wondering why is all 'cause it seemed to me like it was shutting others out but now I understand.
  7. Caribbean Soul

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Why is it I come in here once in a while and I see that everybody, including people from China, Brazil and other countries speak English but not you hispanics.