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  1. Caribbean Soul

    From ChiefsPlanet: Did we let the wrong coach go?

    Reid will never win a Super Bowl. He can't manage a game and he basically chokes in crunch time.
  2. Caribbean Soul

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    Cowpukes Patriasses Gi - Ants The team in DC
  3. I've always said that fans of about every other team knows more about football than Crapboyz fans and the posts here show it even more. It's great to be loyal to your team but this is way over the top. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does.
  4. Jones is a total d-head. Whoever voted him into the HoF is an idiot. He may have done a lot for the team of classless thugs he owns but he's done nothing for the NFL.
  5. Caribbean Soul

    [News] Daily Goal: To Enhance Fan Experience

    When are they going to put straps (flags) on the players belts and ban tackling? Of course they could also show videos of appropriate celebrations on the jumbo trons after a touchdown.
  6. Caribbean Soul

    [News] Wisniewski Returns On Three-Year Deal

    Good move. Makes Kelce even more expendable.
  7. Caribbean Soul

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Hey no name how about you Kiss my Fin a** To the rest of you who answered, thanks. I just wanted to know why 'cause it seemed you were cutting off others, but now I understand. No slam intended.
  8. Caribbean Soul

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Hey no name, not really interested in doing you a favor so why don't you just Kiss my Fin a**. To the rest of you that answered, thanks, I was just wondering why is all 'cause it seemed to me like it was shutting others out but now I understand.
  9. Caribbean Soul

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Why is it I come in here once in a while and I see that everybody, including people from China, Brazil and other countries speak English but not you hispanics.