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  1. hukdonfoniks

    The Colts Might Be Setting Up For A Crazy Offseason

    Can't imagine the Steelers would trade Brown to the AFC if they could help it. Especially not when the Niners are sitting there, needing a WR, and Brown's already expressed his desire to play there. They're definite players for someone like Golden Tate. Maybe even a Demaryius Thomas-type if they want a possession complement to Hilton, but someone like Tate probably fits their offense better. I could see them making a big splash move or two defensively - Landon Collins, Demarcus Lawrence, etc.
  2. hukdonfoniks

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Everyone loved Doug Pederson when he won the Super Bowl last year, right? Thank Andy for that. Pederson comes directly off the Andy Reid coaching tree. Without Reid, there is no Doug, there is no Super Bowl.
  3. hukdonfoniks

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Yeah I'm all for the Chiefs winning this.
  4. They have to tear down that whole thing and start over. Trade David Johnson, trade Patrick Peterson, finally let Fitz retire, get as much draft capital as they can get and let their next coach draft his heart out. They're not holding a candle to the Rams or the Seahawks anytime soon, no matter who their coach is.
  5. He was a man.  

    He liked wicker. 


  6. hukdonfoniks

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates.. we've already won
  7. hukdonfoniks

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    happy and content? do we need to pull up the radio show where your DJ demanded their money back for their season tickets? the only people who live in the past are the ones who can't live in the present. if you were a Giants fan, you'd have more ground to stand on. but...i mean....the Redskins? you live off our castoffs
  8. unless you're wearing a trenchcoat and coming around from a dark corner, you can't properly do an update

  9. i don't think anyone can fully appreciate what it's like to constantly walk around with two kiwis stuffed into your Dockers.

  10. Happy birthday you sexy bish!!!

  11. Don't feel bad Hukd, alot of people don't have any talent.

  12. When will the Cliff's Notes on your comment section be released?