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  1. hukdonfoniks

    Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

    Depends. If you're a crap team with a bunch of needs coming up, you take the haul every day. If you're a team that just got slaughtered by injuries and you're really not that bad (ex: San Francisco), maybe you think about taking the pick if you're getting those injured players back and healthy. Giants Fed up big time taking Barkley. He's a great player but A) RB's aren't going to singlehandedly carry your team, and B) Darnold looks like the real deal. They'd better hope Jones is everything they think he is.
  2. hukdonfoniks

    The Colts Might Be Setting Up For A Crazy Offseason

    Can't imagine the Steelers would trade Brown to the AFC if they could help it. Especially not when the Niners are sitting there, needing a WR, and Brown's already expressed his desire to play there. They're definite players for someone like Golden Tate. Maybe even a Demaryius Thomas-type if they want a possession complement to Hilton, but someone like Tate probably fits their offense better. I could see them making a big splash move or two defensively - Landon Collins, Demarcus Lawrence, etc.
  3. hukdonfoniks

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Everyone loved Doug Pederson when he won the Super Bowl last year, right? Thank Andy for that. Pederson comes directly off the Andy Reid coaching tree. Without Reid, there is no Doug, there is no Super Bowl.
  4. hukdonfoniks

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Yeah I'm all for the Chiefs winning this.
  5. They have to tear down that whole thing and start over. Trade David Johnson, trade Patrick Peterson, finally let Fitz retire, get as much draft capital as they can get and let their next coach draft his heart out. They're not holding a candle to the Rams or the Seahawks anytime soon, no matter who their coach is.
  6. He was a man.  

    He liked wicker. 


  7. hukdonfoniks

    Thoughts on Today's Other Games

    Not worried about Packers making playoffs. If both NFC wild cards don't come from the South, one will definitely come from the West between the Rams and Seahawks.
  8. Of course they'll trade Shady if the price is right. Why would they stop at Darby and Watkins if they're rebuilding? They want all the draft picks they can get. They'll get the jump on the Jets' rebuilding process, catch the Patriots right when Brady finally walks, keep themselves at least on par with whatever Miami turns into in three years. Shady does nothing to help with that.
  9. If... IF ... we traded for Shady, most definitely Blount would be included in that deal. Prob would be Blount and a 4th.
  10. Think it's something like $5.25 million in dead cap, $3.5 million savings if they cut him next year. Don't think a team in rebuild mode is going to let $3.5 million in cap space keep them from a mid-round draft pick. Depends on the pick...probably why they're not actively pushing for a trade but will listen.
  11. If they're in rebuild mode, who cares? They wouldn't be worried about winning in 2017 at all. Take the hit this year and start fresh in 2018 with all their draft picks.
  12. Why wouldn't the Bills listen to offers for McCoy or Taylor? They want all the draft ammo they can get if they're in rebuild mode. They don't care about this season at all if that's true. They'll even take a guy like Jordan Matthews in a trade for the comp pick. Basically they're in a position to get two draft picks for Darby, which could probably wind up being a 3rd if Matthews' free agent value is as high as people think it is. Only thing that would tie us up in a McCoy trade is that the most we could offer them is a 4th. Highest value pick we've got now is probably ours or the Vikings' pick, although it could be the Pats' pick if it becomes a 3rd. But it'd be easy for another team to come in and offer a better pick than what we've got available. If anything's going to happen on the RB front, Hyde is far more likely...especially if they like Kendricks. Maybe that means we dump Blount and we save ourselves from flipping another pick next year and having to draft a RB at the same time. Then that way Howie could focus exclusively on getting some higher picks back somehow. But Hyde's in a contract year and he did put up 1,000+ total yards and nine TD's last season. Don't think the Eagles will want to pony up for him with Jeffery, Jernigan, etc. needing new deals.
  13. hukdonfoniks

    Saints shopping CB Breaux

    Breaux is worth more than some castoff likely to be cut. Before he got banged up last year, Breaux was pretty solid in 2015. Whose spot do you give up to keep him? Already got Darby/Mills/Douglas/Brooks/Robinson/Smith and Grymes to fight for, at most, 6 spots. And then Jones when he's healthy takes a spot. You'd have to get rid of both Grymes and Smith, then one of Robinson/Brooks to make it work. Not to mention he's a restricted free agent next year...even if we tendered him there's a good chance someone bites on it and he leaves anyway. Or if we did offer him a new contract, he's not going to take vet minimum. Not worth it.
  14. hukdonfoniks

    Saints shopping CB Breaux

    No. If we're trading Kelce or Kendricks I want draft picks, not more CB's. We've got enough young talent there now - let them sort themselves out.
  15. hukdonfoniks

    Jay Cutler agrees to contract with Miami Dolphins

    To be fair to Cutler, he's had a revolving door of offensive coordinators. Nothing wrong with being a QB that can only excel in one system - cough cough Ryan Fitzpatrick cough - as long as you can stay in that offense. Fitz had Gailey, maybe Cutler has Gase. It's a $10 million investment in staying competitive while getting your franchise QB fixed.