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  1. EagleVA

    How come Brady's receivers never drop passes

    It's a monkey-see/monkey-do league, they saw the Rams didn't play their starters last year and thought it was a good idea to do the same, that along with a roster of stickmen that they're afraid are going to get broken in two.
  2. EagleVA

    How come Brady's receivers never drop passes

    They drop passes just like all WR's, the difference is the Pats O is so precise that they make you forget about a drop here and there, precision doesn't exactly define the Eagles O. It's so funny, Brady played during the preseason and most on this board thought it was a good idea for Wentz to not play, maybe Doug will re-think that foolishness.
  3. I've never liked loud-mouthed, attention-seeking Mayock, I'd take Brown over his arse any day.
  4. EagleVA

    Your top guys at each position.

    Csonka was a man among boys.....in any era.
  5. EagleVA

    Your top guys at each position.

    I would love to see a Bill Walsh's best team against Bill Belichick's best team.
  6. EagleVA

    Brees is actually OVERRATED

  7. EagleVA

    Brees is actually OVERRATED

    Get lost you clown.
  8. EagleVA

    Brees is actually OVERRATED

    Don't be misled by the Pats short passing game, Tom Brady has a damn strong arm.
  9. EagleVA

    Sean McVay: I got out-coached

    The Rams lost because McVay felt as though he owed Gurley touches, he should have ran the ball with CJ Anderson. As I've said before, some backs pack the stands and other backs pack the trophy case, Anderson is a trophy case packer.
  10. EagleVA

    Sean McVay: I got out-coached

    I'm glad he lost, his head had gotten too big, maybe this will humble him but I doubt it.
  11. Concerning the no call, when I watched it live it looked like a good no call. After watching the replay I see how the refs didn't make the call, it was a lot closer than the cry babies are claiming. While the flag could have been thrown, the ball was reaching the receiver just about the same time the contact occurred. Besides, I'm happy the Saints lose, don't like Brees or Payton, pompous arses as far as I'm concerned.
  12. EagleVA

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Depends on who they're playing, I was a bigtime Rams fan during HS and college, if it's the Saints, let's go KC!!
  13. With the right moves, I think we could upgrade both sides of the ball in a big way. Trade Foles to Miami getting a pick and Kalen Ballage in return, get Chris Conely in FA, draft another RB early and use the remainder of the picks any way they want, that's one pick of an offensive skill position and the offense is ready to go.
  14. EagleVA

    Is Jon Gruden in way over his head?

    My opinion was verified by no other than the QB of his SB winning TB Bucs, he was being nice about it but he more or less said "Gruden knows nothing".
  15. EagleVA

    Sam Bradford released by Cardinals

    Shurmur is too conservative to be successful in today's NFL.