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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001024371/article/owners-make-pass-interference-noncalls-reviewable%3fnetworkId=4595&site=.news&zone=story&zoneUrl=url%3Dstory&zoneKeys=s1%3Dstory&env=&pageKeyValues=prtnr%3Daround-the-league%3Bteam%3Dcin%3Bconf%3Dafc%3Bdvsn%3Dacn%3Bplyr%3Dnickell_robey-coleman%3Bplyr%3Dtommylee_lewis&p.ct=Around%2bthe%2bNFL&p.adsm=true&p.tcm=%23fff&p.bgc1m=%230964bf&p.bgc2m=%23053a74&sr=amp
  2. Portyansky

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    Kinda confused why Clev wouldnt trade back in the 20s and grab DK. Come to think of it. Wonder if that's the Giants plan....
  3. Portyansky

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    No catch
  4. Portyansky

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    TB playing for a 1st rnd QB
  5. Portyansky

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    2 missed FG, and redzone turnovers = ways to lose...
  6. Portyansky

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    I saw that fumble happening from the previous play....
  7. Portyansky

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Trash is being nice. I knew they were posers.
  8. Portyansky

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Int... TB is such sh..
  9. Portyansky

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    God TB is such trash. Cant believe what they were and what they have become... No idea how Wash record is what it is...
  10. You are never allowed to attend another game!
  11. And when we win. He has to go to every single one...
  12. Portyansky

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    I wouldn't mind this at all.
  13. I suck??  You do realize that I am ten years old, right?  But yeah, it looks like you got the best last name....

  14. Portyansky

    Will the Cowboys be a threat this year?

    Turds Gnats and the R word are always a threat. No matter how good or bad the NFCE is. They know each other too well.