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  1. Week 10: Dolphins @ Panthers

    I think the Dolphins are done now that they've traded away Ajayi
  2. Richard Sherman done for the year

    wow. that's too bad. He's a great player. I always liked him.
  3. NFC Final Eagles vs Saints

    hard to argue against 6 straight wins. Saints are contenders.
  4. Week 6 Open Discussion.

    I've seen a lot of messed up calls in my 40+ years of watching football, but the way the Jets got robbed today.... ,man, this is why I'm totally losing faith in this sport. I like the Pats more than the Jets, but that was a total scam. 1st that bogus pass interference (which if you were going to call PI, it should have been against the offense) that put the Patriots on the board, and then that Jets TD ruled a fumble???? The NFL has no respect for its fan base.
  5. Aaaaand another one!

    he gets arrested anywhere if he waved a gun in a threatening manner.
  6. Aaaaand another one!

    I don't know much about the guy (other than I hate him for playing for Dallas :lol:) but I can actually see him being somewhat innocent here. 1. Pulls up to parking space and asks large group to consolidate so he can park 2. Large group taunts him and, because they have strength in numbers, essentially tell him to F off 3. He attempts to park, accidentally hitting a woman that was in his blindspot 4. Large group gets pissed off and start threatening him 5. He pulls out a gun for his own safety, trying to intimidate the group from coming at him 6. Police are called and arrest the black guy He probably should not have pulled out a gun but if he's feeling threatened by a large group of people coming at him I would probably do the same thing (if I owned a gun).
  7. when I was younger, I agreed about creating a hostile environment. Now that I'm in my 40's, a father, a husband, I don't like that kind of stuff. I would prefer to go to a game where I can enjoy myself, maybe talk a little trash with an opposing fan, but no one takes it so personally that someone has to get hurt. I guess I'm old, but I'd like to think I just matured.
  8. Kaepernick still no job

    he worked out with the Seahawks today. I hope they give him a shot.
  9. 'Johnny Football' Making A Comeback?

    I don't really follow college football, so did Manziel have these issues before he got to the NFL? Did everyone know he was a punk off the field?
  10. I remember his first year with us he had this amazing catch in a pre-season game on 3rd down and it kept the drive alive. Everyone was cheering and I said "well, that was a great catch but unfortunately to me he's always going to a Giant" and then everyone in my immediate vicinity got real quiet. he was a hell of TE though. Very clutch. Wish he was always an Eagle because he was really good.
  11. Wish the league would allow real celebrations...

    honestly there's plenty of time for celebrations. It's not like the extra point play is all set up and ready to go within 10 seconds. Usually there's personnel changes as well.
  12. huge difference between Zak and Romo, namely that Romo had to be the leader and was asked to carry the team. Zak was kind of in a different boat last year. They asked Elliott to carry the team, not Zak. Let's see how that is going forth. I'm not going to lie or take bias, the Cowboys looked freakin' dangerous all of last year.
  13. or it's a simple case of realizing you made a mistake and taking corrective measures. Law of action at its finest.
  14. he'll be linked to us at least until the end of next season. Perhaps the next 3 years. Maybe even longer, depending on his performance
  15. OFFICIAL: Pierre Garcon signs with 49ers

    because Alpine Eagle no longer does the FA tracker thread he used to do. Those were awesome