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  1. he worked out with the Seahawks today. I hope they give him a shot.
  2. I don't really follow college football, so did Manziel have these issues before he got to the NFL? Did everyone know he was a punk off the field?
  3. I remember his first year with us he had this amazing catch in a pre-season game on 3rd down and it kept the drive alive. Everyone was cheering and I said "well, that was a great catch but unfortunately to me he's always going to a Giant" and then everyone in my immediate vicinity got real quiet. he was a hell of TE though. Very clutch. Wish he was always an Eagle because he was really good.
  4. honestly there's plenty of time for celebrations. It's not like the extra point play is all set up and ready to go within 10 seconds. Usually there's personnel changes as well.
  5. huge difference between Zak and Romo, namely that Romo had to be the leader and was asked to carry the team. Zak was kind of in a different boat last year. They asked Elliott to carry the team, not Zak. Let's see how that is going forth. I'm not going to lie or take bias, the Cowboys looked freakin' dangerous all of last year.
  6. or it's a simple case of realizing you made a mistake and taking corrective measures. Law of action at its finest.
  7. he'll be linked to us at least until the end of next season. Perhaps the next 3 years. Maybe even longer, depending on his performance
  8. because Alpine Eagle no longer does the FA tracker thread he used to do. Those were awesome
  9. I didn't say that NO ONE is hurting, or that you don't have ANY die hards. I said not as many as we have. Let's be honest. Atlanta as a whole is a Braves town before it is a Falcons town.
  10. yeah, I'm thinking it's just because the 2 pages were probably developed by different people, so the links you quoted certainly acknowledge those teams existed, but the one I posted, which is specifically about the championships by cities, didn't acknowledge them. But you're probably right. It's probably only counting leagues that still exist.
  11. i know who they are, but I was basing the 16 championships off this list: It has Philadelphia football at 3 championships. The USFL is not listed. also, we know the eagles won 3, and the Yellowjackets won one, which is not accounted for. Also, in the original North American Soccer League (NASL), a team called the Philadelphia Atoms won the Soccer Bowl in 1973. This list is flawed.
  12. I think Tom Brady is a great come from behind quarterback, just like Elway was, and Montana, and others I'm sure. Brady obviously did get them back in the game. Could the Falcons have won it? Of course they could have. But as we discussed, throwing on 2nd down and taking that massive lost put them in a position where they wanted to get back into FG range. It didn't work out.
  13. I don't know, I guess I'm arguing the case so hard because I'm happy with the result. I wanted the Patriots to win. Everyone talks about Montana's legacy, and don't get me wrong, he was a phenomenal quarterback, but he was also surrounded by HOF players. He had weapons. Brady's weapons for the most part have flown under the radar, and I don't think many of them will be in Canton with him. Sure, Seau and Moss will be there, but neither of them were core players with the Patriots anyway. Who else? Maybe Viniateri, but he's actually been with the Colts a season longer than his stint with the Patriots. When you think about the Patriots dynasty you'll think about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and not very many others.
  14. actually, according to wiki the city of Philadelphia has 16 championships from the major sports, and I don't think that includes the Frankford Yellow Jackets, Soul, or the Stars.
  15. okay, so I'm off by one play. Sue me for it. I think that just adds more credibility. Run and stuffed, then tried to get it back through the air, and sacked. It makes sense that they'd try to get back into FG range. If they run on 2nd and 3rd, the clock gets killed with New England timeouts.