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  1. Captain F

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand we're done here.
  2. Captain F

    I love me some Jurrah I hope Jerry lives to be 152 years old.
  3. Captain F

    What’s the excuse for Dak now?

    Sean Lee is out for Sunday night. Dak has an excuse for next week already.
  4. Bring warm clothes. Its going to be chilly Sunday night. Im flying up from south florida. See ya there!
  5. Captain F

    SNF: Packers @ Patriots.

    I'll be at the game next week. If i see him, I'll boo him right to his beavis looking face
  6. Captain F

    SNF: Packers @ Patriots.

    Adams punches the guy in the face.. no flag... other guy gives a bisch smack and gets ejected. Refs suck
  7. Captain F

    SNF: Packers @ Patriots.

    Did that jackstain collinsworth just say that if Brady had gordon in the SB, they would be champions?
  8. Captain F

    SNF: Packers @ Patriots.

    I was hoping for a Bunkley/Manning type hit. Oh well.. Or was it Mcdougle?
  9. Captain F

    SNF: Packers @ Patriots.

  10. Captain F

    SNF: Packers @ Patriots.

    That ref needs to be fired.
  11. Captain F

    SNF: Packers @ Patriots.

    Its hidden in his arse.
  12. Captain F

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Fitz wasn't the reason they lost. Their D is horrible.
  13. Agreed. The logistics would be horrible. I couldn't even imagine how a schedule would work for a London team on a standard 16 game schedule.
  14. Captain F

    Sam Bradford released by Cardinals

    Id take Winston over Bumford. How bad is that...
  15. Captain F

    Is Jon Gruden in way over his head?