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  1. Don't forget to pickup a wii fitness, fatty McNabb fat.

  2. you suck at the internet

  3. holy crap

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    actually I didnt use a translator but when I put when I made up in spanish in the translator it came out like this ---- Excuse please The Holy Flame. The is not very clever and sample in its posts. Please except my excuse in favor of the retards. Be able the prostitutes they are abundant to you. -------- I need to brush up on my spanish.
  4. holy crap

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Dispense por favor La Llama Santa. El no es muy listo y muestra en sus postes. Por favor menos mi disculpa a favor del retarda. Pueda a las prostitutas estan abundante a ustedes.
  5. holy crap

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Yo tengo tres llamas en mis pantalones.