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  1. I JUST noticed that you wished me a happy birthday. Shows how much I check my profile "wall" or whatever it's called. Thank you, though!

  2. thanks for being my pretend boyfriend :wub:

  3. Philanova

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Her parents own and work at a hair salon where my mom gets her hair done. My mom's always seeing Chrissy just hanging out there, and her parents are apparently really cool.
  4. Dear Philanova,

    I am going through a tough time and my life and making amends in my 12 step program. I can't help to feel partially responsible for your name change since I endlessly teased you about being a ghey boy wonder. Please accept my sincerest apology and I hope we can still be friends. okthxbaibai

  5. I won't tell anyone about inappropriate touching if you don't.

  6. Your profile says you're 7 years old. Does that mean I'm going to jail?

  7. You're avoiding me!!!


  8. Happy bday Boobles... err, I mean Reebles!

  9. Yea, I'm not too big of a guy. Right around 5'8". I've had that Fender acoustic going on three years now and I try to write my own stuff... Mostly folk/acoustic rock type stuff. As far as other stuff to play? I like to pick up some Rolling Stones, Led Zep, and a few others to entertain myself.

  10. I knew there's be a Bob Barker clone coming. <_<

  11. based on that picture in your profile, you're a little one aren't you. That guitar is 2x;s the size of you. What can you play?

  12. I added you! I appreciate the love Wonder Boy... :)

  13. Excuse meee... I have you on my friends list, but why am I not on yours?

    I'm hurt, I thought we had something special. :(

  14. Say man, when you gonna start adding some friends, bro? You'd better get cracking.