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  1. ouch, yeah that hurts but their is no way you could have known.
  2. Lynch is gonna end up in the negative for coming back this year if he keeps that up. Oakland gonna have lost 5 straight too which won't help
  3. there goes my fantasy time to go get Wentz.
  4. if TO comes back he will be the 5th injured WR for the Giants this year geeeez he is crazy. That ankle isn't stronger 13 years later sorry.
  5. they are 0-5 if anything they did him a favor
  6. It's time to SERIOUSLY start pulling for the Giants. I hope they win out. They already missing the playoffs. We def. want them to not fire McAfool and NOT be able to draft a high rated QB.
  7. that locker room is ffffffffffffffffffffarked. Mcadoo not the most popular guy. So glad we didn't hire him.
  8. yeah they are called liberals. The proof is everywhere and if they would take two seconds to realize it..
  9. really, what happened with him coming out and apologizing.. It may be a little PTSD. He probably is stuck between what was in his heart at the time, and then later he let his TEAM down... something he never ever did with the rangers.
  10. Wentz struggles with the same things weak in and out though. The Skins D played an unbelievable game IMO
  11. sorry but I'm not turning my back on guys I went to war with for football and he should not be asked to do that either.
  12. it's on the front page of Fox news. He was being disrespectful to the football team....seriously??
  13. Alejandro Villanueva gets in trouble for being the only Steelers player to come out and stand during the anthem? Come on man, he's an Army Ranger Mike Tomlin! He went to actual war with guys, not football war. He serves his country and you are going to criticize him for supporting his past? I'm sorry but that's just wrong. You can't force someone to NOT support their country if you aren't going to force people the other way. What a D head. F the Steelers.
  14. dude needs to step up in the pocket he is gonna get killed
  15. no but the guy was also doing PCP for Fs sakes so come on what about that??