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  1. ...............mmmmmaybe, it's still early.
  2. wow, so now he had a gay lover? I thought society argued people were born gay, now I guess it's just a matter of convenience.
  3. he was 100 percnt behind his death regardless so f it.
  4. BS that Texas D is NASTY, and if the weather is bad and Tom doesn't mess with the footballs the Texans can pull this off.
  5. You can hate on Howie but that is only one of their issues.
  6. No Earl and no Bennett. Crazy but no super bowl. Two players matter.
  7. one of those INT's is because Dez fell down. THere has to be an * there.
  8. I hope he brings it home. I think we all do. Would we still go on about our business or would howie be fired? He needed to go at the time, no question. The chief's are good.. real good. Can we trade Kelce brothers?
  9. That's f'in hilarious
  10. Ill trust anything that has "Bobs groceries" on the window. F ya
  11. Gottcha.. I was outta the loop on that one
  12. We are toast if they go like they do. I mean for years..
  13. Rocket scientist dude.. right?
  14. Hey.. he laughed at our defense. It was laughable but I don't forget that ish.
  15. Rocket surgeon? Lol