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  1. laugh at the raiders, hate the Pats
  2. I hope we meet the Pats and beat the pants off them, feels like they are laughing at us.
  3. f them and him, lets beat them, Karma,
  4. nope, Pats will not do it. Skins maybe. He's toasted his career and 30 million.
  5. true, but an agent has a job to keep and if you are dealing with a guy this unstable then you say what needs to be said. The guy has issues that have not been dealt with, we can all agree on that even his agent.
  6. if they do....tells you about their organization. Maybe he secretly just wants to go smoke pot With Ricky?
  7. i can't see any team signing this guy.
  8. ....and they JUST released is arse.
  9. he didn't use to be like that, a narcissist typically will be that way earlier than age 30.
  10. what a friggin tool bag man, I hope no one signs him.
  11. was it or is this a prediction?
  12. Silentop

    Is Antonio Brown worse than Terrell Owens?

    yes, but more productive on the field.
  13. Silentop

    Packers @ Bears (100th NFL Season)

    Trubisky is not accurate. What with the score be if he was??
  14. what amazes me is Gruden lives and dies by this guy......dude, you aren't winning a SB with or without him. STOP.
  15. Silentop

    Goodbye McCoy

    released...why? Yeldon? I guess it makes sense, but who is going to pick him up? In no way am I endorsing.
  16. Silentop

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Someone just got a chance, and a whole bunch of pressure. Brasset.
  17. Silentop

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    wow...Colts just dropped to the bottom/
  18. Silentop

    Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    especially with's like he takes joy in making us wonder. He does. He does sooooo much. Every press conference he gets off.
  19. Silentop

    The Double Doink Broke Matt Nagy

    imagine...if Doug fixated on that. I mean come on. I think Nagy is feeling bad for the guy who has to come up after it but that will not win in this league. Sign Akers and call it a day/
  20. Silentop

    The Double Doink Broke Matt Nagy

    didnt we get a hand on it though or was that the first miss?
  21. Silentop

    Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    you are missing the point, and maybe I did misspeak. Look, Ill all for chances, I just don't know how he is going to change in a year. I battled with addiction and it took me at least 3 years to see clear and not say " well, I'm good now I can dabble"...because you can't.
  22. Silentop

    Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    lol...Danny Friggin' Watkins.
  23. Silentop

    Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    I pull for anyone battling but if they keep giving him chances it won't change, He may be out by week 6. The pats were betting on this weren't they??? Think about it, no major moves other that Thomas who is Birds need to crush them in SB54
  24. Silentop

    Really Cousins? Really?

    This is childish, how is he going to complain about his center non stop in a press conference with something that has NOTHING to do with his game? Apparently he brought it up, then returned to the subject again later in the interview to throw additional shade at the guy! "He promises that it's not a problem in games. It remains to be seen because his shorts today were soaked. He says it's not a problem on game days, so the moment of truth will come then. That's a big thing I'm going to take away. Just how tough it was to grip the ball after he snaps it to me."
  25. Silentop

    Melvin Gordon asks for trade

    he is messing up imo