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  1. He had more yards in one play than they did all night...
  2. He can be. I'm a diehard Buckeye fan...needless to say I wasn't happy seeing him go to Dallas. But he apparently has some growing up to do.
  3. The NFL is still investigating the case, though, and Elliott could find himself with another issue as a fallout from the case. In court documents obtained by the Star-Telegram, Elliott and his ex-girlfriend, Thompson, had a text exchange about an upcoming NFL “drug test.” Thompson texted Elliott: “I know you’re stressed out, if you need me call me. Just do everything you can to pass your drug test tomorrow. You’ll be okay. I’m here for you” To that, Elliott responded: “I’m gonna pass.” In a subsequent text, Elliott wrote: “About to live in this sauna the next 24 hours.” Elliott’s lead legal advisor, Frank C. Salzano, called the text exchange “a non story.” “We are happy to move on to football and look forward to playing against the Giants,” Salzano said. Elliott was not available for comment Tuesday as the team was off. They resume practice Wednesday. The Cowboys did not comment on the matter, but it likely won’t sit well with owner Jerry Jones.