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  1. You are correct, sir. I REALLY wanted the eagles to get Allen, and was disappointed when they didn’t. Allen grew up as a skins fan, so it was fitting he ended up there, I suppose. Disappointing to see any player get injured.
  2. And sadly, the other choice was even worse So here we are
  3. Because there are two sets of rules - One for liberals and one for Conservatives. If some hayseed says something racist, then all right leaners are racists. If some know-nothing alt-leftist threatens Villanueva's life, then that is in no way a reflection of leftist ideology. And Libs wonder why Trump won?
  4. Very "divisional" feel to it. Close thru 3+ quarters. "Kurt" seems to be really hit or miss. When he's on, damn, but when not, it looks like backup body time. the lack of run blocking seemed unusual for a philly/skins game as of late. I hope they do well against the rest of the division =) I wonder how bad the Factory of Sadness is going to feel, if Wentz keeps this up? The game audio made it sound like there were a lot of Eagles fans there. Any word on that anyone?
  5. Really, graphics were worse in '78 then they are today?!?! shocking!
  6. Pathetic fan base. Yet they still see themselves as the best fans I n the league. Complete embarrassment.
  7. I think they are something like 5-15 in their last 20 prime times games
  8. That is the other desireable outcome
  9. Everyone should be rooting for him to leave, and play were OUTSIDE of D.C. Anything that makes the skins look bad, is A-OK by me.
  10. What a disfunctional ish show may 'lil Danny own and mismanage this mess for another 50 years!!
  11. That was also the first thing I thought of as well.
  12. Just look into the kangaroo courts in colleges that have popped up. Guys are being thrown out of school with ZERO evidence and their girlfriends backing them up, that nothing inappropriate happened. You start with those bans, and you weaponize women's ability to blackmail to the umpteenth million degree.
  13. Even though I'm the biggest skins hater here, I'm sorry to see hem lose players like this... ... because it gives skins fan an excuse for mediocrity, yet again... ... that, and I don't want to see players get hurt.
  14. Of course you did. It's the biggest joke of a site, ever created. I laugh at all skins fans, who go to the site.
  15. Falcons lost the same way the eagles lost to the Cowboys - in field goal range to make it > 8 point lead, then screw up multiple,plays to take them out of field goal range. the second that happened, I knew the pats would come back - idiots, just like the eagles were for losing that game