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  1. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I doubt it. The’ve Been injured so much this year, and the "GM” got rid of the top 2 WRs, and fragile Reed can’t make it on the field. Couple that with o-lineman injuries and playing hurt, and I’m shocked they have as many wins as they do. Having said that, I hope cousins leaves to an AFC team, so they can start their long walk in the woods, looking for a QB.
  2. Still hope- 7 backup QBs have won Superbowls

    Kurt Warner was definitely a backup that season. Trent green was the starter all the way, until the injury. So the only difference would be the number of games started.
  3. Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    Replace Robinson with Westbrook, and you nailed it. Robinson will not be with Jax, next season
  4. Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    They offered him two deals, the first, a couple years ago, would have paid him around $16 mill a year, with precious little guaranteed. It came in under Osweiller’s contract. Then they made a ‘for tv only’ contract offer on the last day the deal could be done this past year. It would have locked him in to three years, with less granunteed than the tag this year, and the transition tag next year. Yes, the transition tag, not the full tag. So both offers were well less than market value. You seem to think cousins should sign below market value to help the Skins out, while I say no way the Skins get a deal.
  5. Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    I am not arguing your last point. The skins have simply blown it, in every way imaginable. The well is poisoned, it just depends on how the skins extricate themselves from this mess.
  6. Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    At least now I know that you haven;t really been following the story the whole time. It makes total sense, because this has ALWAYS been about a long term contract. Tagging Cousins is the skins way of kicking the can down the road for another year. The only reason they paid more, is because they are STUPID and went with a year to year approach. Had they offered something north of Osweiller, two years ago, they would have pinned him down for $20 mill a year for 5 years, with $50-60 mill Guaranteed. Now they they are paying him $80 mill for a 3 years. BWAHAHAHA QB salaries are only ever going to go up. Everyone who knows anything about football, knows this. Which is why it makes perfect sense that only the skins could royally screw up, this badly.
  7. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Living in Skins country since ‘92, I will NEVER feel bad for Skins fans. Arrogant A-holes who know nothing about the NFL outside of the skins, unless they play fantasy football. Horrible front running sports town.
  8. Reid Is Incompetent

    You are right, it took him 4 years to realize Pinkston just didn't have it. And 3 years for Thrash. It's OK to throw 3 season away. No ill will here
  9. Reid Is Incompetent

    Ask him. The proof is in the pudding. Unless you think thrash/Pinkston and Smalls/Johnson were dynamic duos. BTW - Reid gives up play calling -
  10. Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    ‘Lil Danny Snyder hates Cousins because he is NOT RG3. That is reason #1-9 on why Cousins has not been signed to a long term deal. To twist it as it being Cousins fault is ludicrous. Redskins didn’t even offer Cousins a contract until hours before the deadline this past offseason, and only then did the Skins go to the local media, calling Cousins greedy for not taking the deal. oh sorry, they did offer cousins a deal very early in the process, one that paid him less than Osweiller, for about 2 years. All the while showing contempt for Cousins. But Cousins is is evil, because he didn’t take it, right? i hope cousins goes to an afc team and does well. I hoped the same for RG3, but that had as much chance as a snowball in hell. But it still hoped, dammit!
  11. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Mcnabb was a flawed character. Having NOT brought us a Super Bowl only allows people to point to one of his various flaws to have the whole wasted decade, make sense. It’s easier than piecing together the root causes than can only be truly determined from cracking up the secrets locked within an NFL front office and locker room. You only begin to hear some of those things years, if not decades later. Basically, it’s low hanging fruit to place place some/most of the blame on McNabb. I’m sure you blast other people who put blame on Reid and/or Banner, right? Or is you contempt ONLY for those pinning the failure on McNabb?
  12. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Having more than two functional brain cells
  13. Reid Is Incompetent

    What you said - PLUS - he really appears to learn from his mistakes. Take a deep dive into the drive chart from the KC game earlier this year. It's pure Andy Reid. Doug channeled MR. "Times Yours" himself, that day. But he learned from that mistake. No other game comes close to that debacle, even though we have started slow in the 1st half a couple of times. I have no doubt that he'll get stuck in a rut here and there, but I have faith that he has taken some hard learned lessons to heart, and will snap out of it. That is something Reid was completely and unequivocally incapable of doing here, even after 14 years.
  14. Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    YOU not seeing it, is immaterial. IF they could land Cousins, their draft could go towards O-line, RB and filling in the rest of the holes. MANY people thought they were a deep playoff bound team, the implosion of the mentally weak millennial crybabies can easily be turned around with the right coach. Plus it's a way for Mara to kick the skins when they are down - that's a bigger incentive than you can possibly know.