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  1. Wow this board is horribly slow today.
  2. Just figured I'd handle pointing out the problem and provide Dave's response in a single post to save the man some work... This board is AWESOME!
  3. I wonder if Dave and/or Invision are at all embarrassed in any way that their users have had more success troubleshooting the problems with the board than people that actually get paid to perform that function?
  4. I haven't had that problem, but there are several threads that have posts in them that are registered as being posted some time in the future, and every time I click into those threads it takes me to that post as the most recent post, and it always thinks there are new posts because the timestamp on that post hasn't come yet. WENDIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Problem: The message board is crappy, lacks general functionality that previous versions had, and runs terribly slowly. Solution: Disable more features while not improving speed!
  6. The relevance to my post is to show Dave or anyone from the IT staff that happens to look at this thread, that people are not happy with how the site is run. And I'm not just talking about the technical nightmares involved with accessing the meesage boards during any kind of peak usage time, or even the general slowness of the boards nearly 24/7 since the last upgrade, but moreso the way in which the entire situation has been handled, starting with the creating of this thread and then ignoring many of the suggestions/requests for functionality and pretending that they were never brought up days and weeks later. If they'd at least show a tiny little bit of care and actually respond to the requests with truthful answers (something like "I checked with invision and that function is no longer availble" or "I have asked invision but have been unable to get a response and do not have the time to continue to pursue this particular issue given the larger concerns regarding the website's performance") everything would be fine. But instead he created this thread with the guise that he actually cared and would follow up in trying to get resolutions to lost functionality and address problems with the boards only to abandon and ignore the thread without ever addressing many of the comments that have been provided.
  7. And I bet you still believe Andy is going to commit to running the ball next week too, don't you?
  8. This POS board is such a disaster I could hardly even get to this thread to complain about its horridly slow response time!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hey Dave, since the Eagles suck hair monkey ballzack, is there any chance that you address any of the concerns/criticisms/comments that have been expressed in this thread at any point this season or are you just going to hope that invision takes care of everything in their next upgrade?
  10. LOL at you guys thinking Dave or any of his minions actually pay any attention to this thread anymore...
  11. It might depend on which browser you're using as well. Whether you're using the stock internet browser that comes with your phone or a 'third party' browser. Either way though, it is great to see that Dave and the Mods are continuing to follow and update this topic with their progress in getting these issues fixed for us!
  12. Well, since the question was asked in here one thing that is certain is that we will never know... Also, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it to get any better.
  13. 2.5 weeks later and still no responses...
  14. For me the word wrap and having to scroll to top of the page for it to load on mobile is a much bigger annoyance.
  15. Are any of these issues being worked on or not? There still has been absolutely zero acknowledgement of any of issues even being brought up, let alone any kind of indication of hope for them to get resolved at some point...