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  1. Hoagie

    2019 why don't we get games in 4k?

    Good timing for this thread. I'm looking to buy a new TV this month!
  2. Hoagie

    All-Los Angeles Super Bowl?

    I don't know, I just get this weird feeling that the Chargers might shock some people.... Rivers is really overdue, and they are firing on all cylinders right now. He just seems like the type of QB who gets one before he retires. As bad as the Rams have played lately, I think they get back on track this week and go deep into the playoffs. I think the Chargers have a better shot out of the AFC than the Rams do the NFC though. I think the Saints win the NFC and either the Patriots or Chargers in the AFC.
  3. Hoagie

    Alternative ways to keep QB safe?

    Sad but true, my friend.
  4. Hoagie

    Met Jerry and Gene Jones today.

    God bless them. I hope they live forever!
  5. Hoagie

    Three 9-7 Teams in Super Bowl-1979 LA Rams Part 1

    Love these posts. Keep them coming please.
  6. Hoagie

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    You know rstarter is still here in some capacity, lurking around... This thread will always live in infamy!
  7. Hoagie

    SNF Chiefs @ Patriots.

    And how many months later was that? Yeah, okay...
  8. Take it easy, John Podesta
  9. Hoagie

    Who is your favorite Rookie for 2018?

    Yikes, that's embarrassing!
  10. Hoagie

    Who thought this was a good idea?

    Looks like a big ole' #2 to me And by #2, I mean crap. But also as in... #2 in the NFL
  11. Haha F off, west coast.
  12. Hoagie

    The Browns might win a few games this year

    They'll win more games in 2018 than they have the last three seasons combined. Book it.
  13. Hoagie

    Those Going To The Game

    I may be willing to go that high for a lower level ticket as well
  14. Hoagie

    Those Going To The Game

    Did you try two one-ways? I got the Spirit flight out of Minny off Expedia for Monday mid afternoon. That way I have enough time to get out of there the next day. But Id imagine getting there is costly. I’d personally try Hipmunk out of Tampa, St Pete, Lauderdale, Miami. Fortunately us Floridians have many options which I’m sure you know. You might also want to consider flying into a nearby city and rent a car. I know a few people doing that, including myself. Chicago was dirt cheap - $50 one way flight. 6 1/2 hour drive on Saturday though. I’d look at Des Moines and Milwaukee. Never know, you might snag something last minute now. Let me know how it goes. If you come across a set of game tix with an extra seat you need to fill, I’ll go in on it with you. I’ll be checking this board periodically tomorrow and most frequently Saturday during the drive up.