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  1. Jason Taylor on the Jets Randy Moss on the Titans Just a few that come to mind
  2. F it, one year deal.
  3. You know, Oregon still hasn't hired a OC yet....
  4. Ultimately big plays are/were the biggest problem, under now two defensive coordinators. Leading me to believe it's more personnel based than anything else. We need Fing corners.
  5. Consider the fact that Gus Bradley might just be a bad coach
  6. Thing is, he wasn't a dink and dunk passer in college. This offense has been coached/called as dink and dunk. It's become largely unimaginative too as opposed to the mix up Doug called early in the year. Perhaps that's him realizing he needs to play it safe with the lack of talent at skill positions and OL depletion. But if we're really talking Carson's deep ball he could hit it deep at NDSU, albeit with inconsistent accuracy. Not so bad I'd say he "can't" go deep though.
  7. Another factor affecting lack of down field attempts is time in the pocket.
  8. He's shown he has accuracy to throw down field. Its not perfect but It's not a finished product either. His coach doesn't exactly call that many plays for it mostly because no one is open down the field. Or talented enough to do so But i see you've already fully turned on Wentz like I knew you would at the first sign of him not looking like Peyton Manning. so I can only imagine how much of a joy you'll be this offseason.
  9. I wish my QB could throw 18 times and get a win and not be nearing the NFL rookie record for pass:run ratio.
  10. This.
  11. If we have to be man enough to accept wentz' regression, then some of the Dak fans need to be man enough to accept that Dak has regressed too.
  12. I mean yeah that part isn't hard.
  13. Doesn't matter. We got rid of a bloated free agent RB contract and it helped get us our franchise QB. End of story.
  14. Worst: Fitzpatrick maybe. Consider how that situation dragged all offseason. Maybe Chris Ivory or RGIII. Best: Marvin Jones, Rodney McLeod, Mike Wallace (weird typing that one)