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  1. Jordan629

    Alex Smith to Washington

    Redskins have to draft a QB soon then. But they won’t.
  2. Jordan629

    Alex Smith to Washington

    Alex Smith played well for half a season with a loaded offense around him. Washington’s skill players aren’t anything like KC’s. He can’t carry a team and is only going to decline more. Good trade...for Philly.
  3. Jordan629

    Alex Smith to Washington

    This dumb motherFer still thinks people care about what he has to say?
  4. Jordan629

    Alex Smith to Washington

    NFL franchises are never short on the hilarity. Especially Washington.
  5. Jordan629

    DJax Vehicle Impounded - Weed & Hollow Points Found

    Hate when that happens
  6. Jordan629

    Maybe Howie should have grabbed Kareem Hunt

    Oh joy, the "we should've drafted x player" crowd is back after the very first game of the season.
  7. Speaking of the Bills does Reggie Ragland just suck now? Not recovering well from his injury?
  9. Bring back Buckhalter instead
  10. Jason Taylor on the Jets Randy Moss on the Titans Just a few that come to mind
  11. You know, Oregon still hasn't hired a OC yet....
  12. Jordan629

    Could Gus Call Philly Home After All?

    Ultimately big plays are/were the biggest problem, under now two defensive coordinators. Leading me to believe it's more personnel based than anything else. We need Fing corners.
  13. Jordan629

    Could Gus Call Philly Home After All?

    Consider the fact that Gus Bradley might just be a bad coach