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  1. i am still in a state of shock

  2. Hey Slurms, nice to see you.

  3. you don't come into WU anymore :(

  4. Slurms

    Fans Helping Fans is Nationwide!

    *Attention Maxi-Padders* After talking to the other advisors we have agreed that we should donate money to help FHF. We ask that every member try to donate some money to help this great cause. Even if its not alot, itll do. Donating money through the paypal account is simple. Though as many of you already know, alot of the maxi-padders are younger so paypal might not be an option. Just mail it in if thats the case. The address is in the first post of this thread. Im looking to donate some money come August when I start working. Its not going to be $500 or $250 like PSSD and Stingo buts it the best I can do. My job doesnt exactly pay alot. I hope that alot of you guys can do the same. Don't forget to visit the forums at the FHF site. Thank you.
  5. Slurms

    Fans Helping Fans is Nationwide!

    Im happy to help out you guys, this is great, but is there anything else i can do besides donate money? I dont really have much of it.