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  1. Being at home at day games is an advantage as well. Should we write the league about that too?
  2. Why does it matter what time the game is or if it's national tv or not? How is it an advantage either way?
  3. F the Steelers and the OP. Biggest bandwagon fan base outside of Dallas
  4. Way to prove you're not a tool.......tool.
  5. JFC....how can some people be so stupid.
  6. He has to finish his chores before he's allowed back on to play.
  7. We know, we all have Nfl Network and ESPN. Thanks for the breaking news.
  8. This is so far from reality I almost question your intelligence. Then I see you're a Giant fan on an EMB.....I no longer question. Yes, because puking on someone is equivalent to attempted murder carried out by someone who was egged on by a mob of fans.
  9. This, I came here to post this. No mention of this at all on ESPN.com. Yet they bring up the snowball thing, annually.
  10. You know this, how?
  11. Yeah out of all of the qb's who busted in that draft, Culpeper would not be one of them. Smith McKown Couch Help me out guys, who else?
  12. Best in the NFL? Not even best in Landover.
  13. Painfully obvious, in his 17 starts he is: 391 for 627 62.4% 4912 yards 35 TD 8 Int 100.00 Passer Rating. It's actually painfully obvious that you are like pretty much every other Dallas fan, clueless.