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  1. astrofed

    Luke Kuechly

    With Kuechly, it was the concussions, with Luck, it was the rest of his body. now I don't want to dismiss Luck's injuries, but with Luke, the head is the most important thing, and if that goes, life really after football really don't mean a thing.
  2. astrofed

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    nope indeed
  3. He did the same thing in Tampa Bay, dude's got a QB fetish and needs help.
  4. astrofed

    Goodbye McCoy

    Or cowpies with Zeke holding out, but yeah Houston is more desperate for a RB
  5. astrofed

    The Double Doink Broke Matt Nagy

    holy crap Nagy is crazy
  6. astrofed


    a division II college football team
  7. thanks for the tie, now we have to deal with that extra column in the standings for the rest of the year... so annoying #firstworldproblems
  8. he is an idiot, like dawk said, weed isn't addictive, and I would add, as opposed to the millions of americans addicted to drugs, the majority do not have a winning lottery ticket of being drafted into the NFL with the possibility of millions of dollars.
  9. This is a very dumb move. LV has too small a population, yes, there is 1M+ in the city, but there are no suburbs, and that is where a lot of fan bases come from