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  1. I think you mean buys a real title. Funny how Dallas hasn't done anywhere close to Philadelphia once a salary car was put in place. Too bad jerry can't just pay everyone now.



    They won two SBs under a hard cap moron. The eagles are amazingly consistent with zero SBs before and after the cap was in place.

  2. Ever? The Eagles have won 3 NFL Championships, two of them back to back by shutout scores and they have won two NFC titles. So while it's true that they haven't won an NFL Championship since 1960, you can't say they the Eagles haven't done anything "ever".

    I know the comeback that is already formulating that 1960 was before the merger and all that... save it. It's meaningless. the 1960 NFL Championship is as valid as the 1995 NFL Championship and neither of them mean anything in 2015.



    I've already gone over this with you. But I guess you're just dense. These are tainted titles. Competing leagues in all three years with their own champion. Champions with as good or better arguement than the eagles.


    Silly eagle fan, come back when your franchise EARNS a real title. We call them Super Bowls.

  3. I agree, he was very talented while playing with the Cowboys. Good point.


    It's amazing how much hate the man inspired. He was a GREAT signing by the Cowboys. Legit ProBowl player in 06 and All-Pro player in 07. He hit the wall in 08, but that happens to most every player over some point they lose it.


    But back to the hate. I still debate the merits of his signing and value to those Cowboys teams. Some fans simply refuse to acknowledge the facts. The hate is too strong.