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  1. matthew36362

    Blake Bortles 3yr $54M w/jags

    True, but did anyone else take a kicking specialist before he was drafted? Nope. Jacksonville has a long history of making bad drafting decisions, granted every team has made A LOT of bad decisions on draft picks, but im not sure if Jacksonville or Cleveland has had the worst luck.
  2. matthew36362

    David Carr vs. Dak Prescott passing competition

    True but the best player on that team when he was drafted 1st overall was Tony Boselli. Carr was hit so many times before he could get his head around what was going on, no one could catch, the OL couldn't block, and they didn't really have a run game. I dont think its fair to say a QB who got the ish knocked out of him that many times a game and who probably lost interest in playing because of it. Could he have been a good QB, YES, but not with Houston getting killed like he was.
  3. matthew36362

    Blake Bortles 3yr $54M w/jags

    This is the same team who drafted a punter in the 3rd round.....this team is not smart! oh yeah Russell Wilson was still available then too.
  4. matthew36362


    We are having a super bowl baby!!....and by we i dont mean my wife and I. I mean the woman im having an affair with, oh well ill always be able to look at my kid and remember the night the Eagles won their first superbowl! while i wonder what my wife is doing.....oh well not my fault she chose to work superbowl sunday!!
  5. matthew36362

    From ChiefsPlanet: Did we let the wrong coach go?

    Coach Reid in a nutshell: 1st quarter 13:47 left TIME OUT, 3rd and 1 THROW it 40 yards down the field, 4th and 7 FAKE PUNT. 4th Quarter up 21-3 LOOSE GAME 21-24. Any more examples need to be made? yeah hes a hell of a coach, but man some of his play calls and decision making a high school coach wouldn't even consider!