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  1. $40 To Park?!?!?

    I took my nephew to the SEA vs KC game in KC last preseason, parking was 50 bucks cash only. I thought it was a bit steep, considering it was a PRESEASON game, but well apparently its not as bad as i though lol. still high, but im sure some of the stadiums in the NFL charge more than that to park for 3 freaking hours! IMO if you are going to charge 50 plus dollars for parking, they should be liable for damages to your vehicle, after the game was over, we went back to our car and the windshield looked like someone landed on it (broken) and the hood looked like someone attempted to body slide across it, and was caved in right in the middle. that game for "parking" alone cost me $550.00! (50 parking, 500 deductable!)
  2. Hello fellow Eagles fans, I am going to the Eagles game vs the Bengals on Dec 4th. I will be in section 139 row 1, and have a question. Maybe someone on this board can answer. I have read reviews for the section i will be in for that game and they say the seats sit kind of low. anyone know what the view is like from that row? Will i have trouble overlooking the sidelines to see the field, or will it be a happy medium of both? I have never attended an NFL game with the chance to sit behind the sideline at field level. Just a question, if no one knows, that ok also. Dont want to have to wait for a Bengals mod to approve my account to post the question there. Thanks guys GO EAGLES!!
  3. Going to Eagles game vs Bengals Dec 4, have question

    Thanks for all your inputs. The picture toolg posted gives me a pretty decent perspective, while it may be a bit low, i dont think ill have issues seeing over things. This for me is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be this close to the field and the Eagles. I live too far from philly to take in a game at the linc, and am normally too poor to sit anywhere other than nosebleeds. Im looking forward to being able to enjoy this game and watch our Eagles beat the Bengals.
  4. Cowboys draft Ezekiel Elliott #4 overall

    any chance dallas could do us a solid and cut cedric thornton and let us resign him? we may need someone like him in the middle to stop that attack!