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  1. dawkins4prez

    LeVeon Bell to the Jets

    You think? I believe Landon Collins has gotten an unfair rap and will do alright in DC. I just don't think he is as liable against the pass as they have painted him. I've got Trent brown/Raiders as the worst. That guy could be benched in 1 yr. I think this deal can go 1 of 2 ways. Either he is Albert Haynesworth bad , shows up out of shape etc. Or he could be Ricky Watters type sneaky good pickup.
  2. dawkins4prez

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    If they like Rosen they would have taken him last year.
  3. dawkins4prez

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    Browns might be the fave in the AFC now. Giants might be going full tank in 2019. I'm not sure they are sold on Haskins, might throw Eli out there with this putrid roster to insure 1-15 and get one of the Qb's coming out next year.
  4. All those moves and he's still not done. that's how bad it was.
  5. I think trade makes sense for both teams. Giants are a step closer to rebuilding a top O-Line which they want in place for future Qb. Browns are in win now mode and can burn the cap space to get an elite D-Line in place.
  6. Pretty simple. Guards are replaceable, pass rushers are hard to find.
  7. dawkins4prez

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    No I'm not. Dependency and addiction are two clinically different things. If you don't know that then STFU. You can very easily grow a dependency to weed similar to a dependency to coffee where you "need it " to be in a good mood. If you are doing it every day for a prolonged period, the withdrawal is a few weeks to months of **** moods. Addiction is a whole other ballgame and if you have ever known somebody withdrawing from alcohol, opiods or heroin you would know the difference is stark. We are talking about physical pain and life-threatening reactions in severe cases. Shakes, sweats and all those lifetime movie examples of people doing extreme things to get their fix. Don't conflate the two or the one being dishonest and ridiculous is you.
  8. dawkins4prez

    Brees is actually OVERRATED

    Yeah, we do need this thread. Here is the argument for Brees being nothing more than the NFL version of a texas tech stat compiler. 1. When he enters the NFL HoF, which he DOES deserve btw, he will be easily the weakest Qb arm to ever enter it. He will be the only Qb to enter the HoF with a below average NFL arm strength. There are a few that had average arm strength like Montana and Young, heck Tom Brady is above average at best. But Brees is slightly below and always was. He did have an NFL arm, we aren't talking Chad Pennington, but he could just barely make all the throws and often struggled to make them in bad weather... 2. He is a product of the dome. His career stats include a 133 passer rating at home and 99 on the road. It is 121 on turf and 79.4 on grass. That is a HUGE difference. Now at no point am I saying he is chopped liver outside domes, the dude would have been a franchise Qb anywhere, but a HoF Qb only in the dome. 3. ...and a product of the system. Hate him or really hate him, Sean Payton has been a cutting edge offensive designer for Drew's entire time there. The saints have had a deep and talented receiving corp his entire time New Orleans. Drew Brees is a stat compiler who despite the records will go down as a top 15-25 all time NFL Qb. This year HE lost that NFCCG. At 40 yrs old he has lost a tick of the quickness that allowed him to make up for his weak arm, and the arm isn't even hitting tight windows in the dome anymore. YES, he is one of the top 5 most accurate Qb's ever, maybe even #1. YES, he will go down as one of the smartest/coach on the field Qb's ever, probably top 10 in that category too. But the lack of physical tools, a weak arm with little talent to make exceptional throws, coupled with limited athletic ability is the reason this guy only made 1 Sb
  9. dawkins4prez

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    Weed is clinically proven to be non addictive time and time again. How many model careers have been derailed by delicious food? Weed is a non addictive pain killer and stress reliever and that's kind of a big deal with the amount of pain an NFL player has to manage.
  10. dawkins4prez

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    Considering the royal Fing of a situation they have because of Alex Smith, it was about as good a move as they could have made. That said, the move is really a symptom of a very sick animal. They can't really go out and draft a Qb because Jay Gruden is on his way out and they can't have a Rosen situation, they can't buy Foles because they gave Alex Smith a terrible contract. They have legit talent on both sides of the LOS but have tons of holes elsewhere around the roster. Jay Gruden is a good coach but he is destined to be scapegoated by Snyder for the mediocrity that comes from Bruce Allen. So yeah, lol'skins, because in the billion$ mega media world of the NFL nobody cares if you got a good deal on your band aids.
  11. Giants are now just a RT away from a good line. 2 yr rebuild of unit almost complete. Now they just need a Qb and new defense...
  12. dawkins4prez

    Bears new kicker....BWahhhahhhahahh!!!

    I bet he insists it's pronounced Blay-witt.
  13. dawkins4prez

    Bears new kicker....BWahhhahhhahahh!!!

    I can only imagine the scene at the Chicago tribune when they found out,
  14. dawkins4prez

    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

    Redskins. I am fascinated to watch this train wreck in slow mo. A divided locker room between Colt McCoy and Case Keenum? C'mon! We haven't seen that kind of disenchanted slurping since Paris Hilton's sex tape! Anyways they should save Raiders for the inaugural season in Vegas. Gruden has a 10 year contract what's the rush? And by that time we can see Jay Gruden for his 2nd tour on the show.
  15. dawkins4prez

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    It's like they need Gruden to fail so they can justify going back to the sh•t show.