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  1. dawkins4prez

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    I don't think enough is being made about 3 playoff games being won without throwing for 100 yds. And none of them by Lamar Jackson! That is the most radical one year shift in the NFL I can ever remember.
  2. Dak shouldn't do a single practice without a new deal. Dude's taken 136 sacks under a 4th rd rookie contract. Ridiculous, more underpaid than Brady by a mile.
  3. dawkins4prez

    SUPER BOWL LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

    Opened as a pick 'em. It's a helluva matchup.
  4. Again Dak has every right to do this, he should have been making 25-35m each of the last TWO years and he won't get that money back taking exact market price. Jerruh has cornered himself into a situation where Dak is now asking for a hometown bonus instead of a hometown discount.
  5. Which btw is a pretty normal flow of events for divisional round playoffs. Elite team coming off bye starts rusty, falls behind early, gets it together and then beats down the inferior and worn down team that barely survived the wild card. This time it was just epically dramatic on both ends.
  6. I have a tough time buying the momentum spiel in a 20 pt. loss.
  7. dawkins4prez

    AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

    Tough game to get a read on, but Tannehill has thrown for less 100 yards in both playoff wins and he's going up against a scorching hot Mahomes. I know the Titans kinda remind one of the 1990 Giants with that crisp bruiser style, but I actually have confidence in Andy Reid to lean on his NFC east winning days and come up with a way to jump on Vrabel.
  8. dawkins4prez

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    Green Bay does not have the physicality up front to slow down that 49ers pass rush. They are going to need a lights out performance from the defense and Rodgers is going to have to turn the clock back about 4 years.
  9. Pat Mahomes caught fire and regained his MVP form against one of the worst defenses in the NFL, that's the bottom line here. The scoring runs made it weird but I don't see what Bill O'Brien was supposed to do different to win that game. Now I'm no fan of BOB but the Texans have some glaring roster construction issues that point to their GM problem. How many resources have they blown on an O-Line that still stinks to high heaven? And how did they let a dominant defense in its prime just leave town?
  10. dawkins4prez


    It will probably be KC-SF, but I'd like to see the SB 1 rematch to conclude the 100th NFL season.
  11. dawkins4prez

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    Rooting for AR, we'll see. He's probably going to have to figure out that nasty Niners front.
  12. dawkins4prez

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    You were so close Charlie Brown.
  13. dawkins4prez

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    I dunno, usually when you bring in a young guy like that it's coupled with a new GM that has a nice long leash and they go out and pick their Qb together. Your guy is coming into an already fluid situation and clearly another 5-11 season isn't acceptable. That does not seem ideal to me. The Eagles are in pretty good shape, relatively speaking. They got their Qb, the HC and GM are cemented, they know that even in a year where things go badly they can still compete. They are also not going to sit complacent and they admitted that they failed to counter the brain drain they suffered after the SB and then need to get more young players. Rivera is picking his GM, the Skins at least are all in on organizational rebuild. their direction seems clear. Pokes are just going in circles. they will win games as long as they keep drafting well, but seem dedicated to the root causes of their mediocrity.
  14. dawkins4prez

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Rivera is picking the GM. I truly believe that Snyder has been humbled by the visiting team takeovers to the point he going to write Rivera a blank check to fix it and GTFO of the way. With the cornerstones of a ferocious defense already in place, you have to like the Skins chances to get back to respectability and quickly. Will Snyder F it up eventually? sure. But for now I really think this guy has his tail between his legs.
  15. dawkins4prez

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    The more I marinate in this decision for the Cowboys the more convinced I am it is going to be another major letdown for Dallas fans. You know why the Skins are finally getting this right while the Pokes are once again headed for eternal mediocrity? Because Snyder has finally been properly humbled. The Skins have lost the city of Washington and Snyder's team is plummeting in ticket sales and overall value. Snyder is feeling it in his pocketbook, as a businessman, and that is why he is ready to GTFO of the way, at least long enough to make the Skins relevant again. No I don't think Ron Rivera with total power is going to get them a SB, but I do think the Skins will be built correctly with the proper culture going forward. Meanwhile in Dallas, Jerruh has not learned his lesson AT ALL. JerryWolrd is packed and the Cowboys are still front and center on the talk shows and Forbes #1 valued sports franchise. So in comes McCarthy, who is is nothing short of a disgraced retread. Jerruh is crying tears of joy because he found a "big name coach" that won't lay a critical eye on his roster building and will keep his precious assistant coaches he personally groomed. Like any bounce back relationship, Jerruh fell for the first person with clout that told him it wasn't his fault. Mccarthy the newly found disciplinarian? LOL. Mccarthy asa an offensive guru in 2020 who can stay ahead of the curve? TRIPLE LOL!!. I can see the McCarthy Cowboys getting off to a hot start, maybe even a successful 1st season just on surplus of peak career talent, but the same 'ol toxic structure has only been reinforced and unlike the truly loyal Garrett, Mccarthy is just taking Jerruh for a ride.