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  1. Dude's cooked!
  2. I am 100% behind Kaepernick's right to protest and use the NFL platform in that cause, especially the non confrontational way he did it.. But I'm still not totally convinced on his black ball status. He's still caught in no man's land, wanting to be paid like a borderline starter when he clearly is only wanted as a backup. The controversy is only one of several reasons nobody wanted him as the leader of the team, he's simply never been a good leader on or off the field. Is there blackballing involved? Absolutely, no doubt, but it's NOT the only reason he's unemployed. If he'd taken $3m with incentives to play backup he'd have a job by now.
  3. Chiefs doing all the same hair pulling madness of rebuilding instead of getting over the top when you have the chance that AR did here.
  4. No Qb, defense has lost pieces to age and FA, tough division. Not hard to see at all.
  5. Just not true brah. Goff was the "most pro ready" and why he went first. Wentz was just considered the best talent with some pro offense experience that would help him start day 1 if he had to, but nobody said he was pro ready coming out of North Dakota State.
  6. Yes? I think the lottery as an event is tacky as heck, but the philosophy of not automatically rewarding the team that sucked the most makes a TON of sense. Especially in a sport where getting a Qb is so monumentally important and a team like the Colts can just tank every 15 yrs and be set for half a century.
  7. I miss the run n shoot. You'd think it would enjoy a comeback now that you can't kill Wr's over the middle.
  8. They don't exactly have the foundation of a great defense either. A good one, sure, but not the kinda D that goes out and wins a championship on its shoulders. A gazillion draft picks later and its still hard to get on the Browns' wagon. It's like these guys think they can spend 4-5 years building an NFL team. Well, you can't, because careers are too short and team control lasts 4 years.
  9. Thiesmann was the worst announcer there was but eventually grew into a pretty darn good one. It took Phil Simms FOREVER to be a good commentator and now that he's finally got it down...he's gone.
  10. I'll nix 20 no jumping rules to get my kickoff returns back.
  11. I was always in favor of a 2 UC=ejection rule. There should also be an aggregate UC rule over the season that leads to suspensions. All of this should TAKE the PLACE of Goddell suspending players on whim after singular personal fouls. The targeted single infraction ejection is not needed, bad rule.
  12. Hard to get on a bandwagon when you don't know who the Qb is.
  13. You made my day with that, thank you.
  14. Sanchez is one of those guys you will see playing in a game 6 years from now and you say, "He's still in the league??" Semi competent backup Qb's with good locker room credentials have absurdly long careers.
  15. Yeah Cooks is probably not that happy about this. I mean yes, he's got a great chance to get a ring but at 25 yrs old you're not THAT worried about that, you want your money first. In Tenn or Philly he was a no doubt #1 getting a truckload of targets from a young franchise Qb and looking down the barrel of a big time extension. With New England he's really just the deep threat of a spread around offense, maybe even gets less targets than he had in NO. Plus he is likely just a short term piece to get Brady whatever rings he can get over 2-3 years, NOT the long term #1 he was in Tenn/Philly.