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  1. I'll miss him. It was going to be fun watching his drama queen antics every week as the Giants fell deeper into the winless hole. I think this also wrecks any offseason drama, both the Giants and OBJ should be glad to sign a franchise tender.
  2. That's a protest? No it's not. That's taking a year off from hard core NFL watching. That's just healthy, everybody needs to do that now and then.
  3. 0-5

    He's been consistently inconsistent. He'd have stretches of bad games or great games but at the end of the year almost always graded out as a top 10-12 NFL Qb (Top ~5 or so in NFC which is usually weaker Qb conference). But he's been bad to average for a year plus now.
  4. 0-5

    Throughout his entire career, it has always shocked me how little Giants fans know about Eli Manning.
  5. 0-5

    Yes top 5 NFC. Top 10-12 NFL.
  6. 0-5

    O-Line is awful but part of it is Eli just doesn't like to get hit anymore. He's bailing on plays early and I don't blame him because as a statue NFL pocket passer he has taken a BEATING in his career. That's a problem because that is exactly what Eli's game was built around, hanging in the pocket, staring down the barrel of the rush and delivering strikes downfield. Is he wily enough to adjust to a short passing game and extend his career a few years? Yeah, sure. But this is not the same Eli.
  7. 0-5

    Of course. And I've even said before that Eli can still take you places if he had a great D and running game. But that's exactly what replacement level Qb's can do. If you go down the list of Qb's in the NFC and can't find at least 10 you'd take over Eli, then your an Eli homer. That's a steep drop for a guy who was top 5 NFC Qb for a decade. Eli in his peak was about as good as Matt Ryan is right now.
  8. 0-5

    Ok. I've never been an Eli basher though. Defended him even when NY fans wanted to run him out of town. But do you deny he's the worst qb in the NFC East right now? Go team by team around the league and ask yourself how many guys you would bench for Eli in 2017.
  9. 0-5

    Done might be harsh, but he sure isn't Eli manning, bona fide franchise Qb anymore. He's a replacement level player right now.
  10. Great point. If your team is not on and you just want to watch some football/follow FF, then highlight surfing might be better than "watching whatever game is on".
  11. If any of that were really a factor, you'd see it in the attendance #'s, but attendance is fine other than the numerous fiascos in California. Of all the states that might be boycotting games over the protests, its prolly not Cali. The ratings are easily explained also, the cord cutting is obvious and has affected all the sports. My pet theory is we are also seeing a huge ratings correction on bad games due to habit changes in Fantasy football. FF had a way of helping bad games get good ratings, it was the driving force behind the breakneck ratings of the past decade. But people seem to prefer to follow their FF team on their APP nowadays.
  12. You are just pulling Madden playbooks and conspiracy theories out your arse. Kaepernick is a borderline starting quality NFL QB and his scrambling ability makes him ideal to come in and make some plays in any system.
  13. LOL, so you got one stat, his W-L record over his last 24 games and you basically gonna write it backwards and inside out for a couple paragraphs like a high school kid BS'ing on his test. BTW, W-L for Qb's is even more dubious than it is for MLB pitchers, there's a reason its not an official stat. His career W-L record is actually pretty good. His stats both traditional and peripheral are solid enough also. Stop BS'ing your way through the discussion, he's no Tom Brady but he is DEFINITELY one of the top 25-40 Qb's in the game, backed by the stats and the tape. He is DEFINITELY better than a half dozen Qb's who will start this sunday and he is DEFINITELY a better option to keep a team like the Titans afloat until Mariota gets back.
  14. Count the Titans as another playoff contender that would rather throw the season than sign Kaepernick.
  15. 0-5

    Eli is done. Unless you have one of those championship defenses and running games that just need a vet game manager don;t bother with him. Just because Brees/Brady and Peyton play til so late doesnt mean everybody can do it. Plus Eli has taken a bigger beating than those guys, he was a classic take the hit -deep ball pocket passer. Never a quick release guy like the others.