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  1. dawkins4prez

    Rams acquire Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey

    The Niners are playing really, really good football. I think a large part of that is just pent up belief in themselves after 2 injury plagued years. Funny thing is though, absolutely NOBODY is talking about Jimmy Garropolo. We can't crown them as legit contenders this year, much less perennial contenders going forward, until we know more about Jimmy G. As for the Rams, as many problems as they have, that is still a top 10-15 offense and with Ramsey they should be a top 15 defense as well. It's hard to see them finishing under the Cards and the Hawks have a ton of issues that are being hidden by co-MVP Russell Wilson. This is the only team to beat New Orleans and I still think they finish with 8-10 wins.
  2. dawkins4prez

    Rams acquire Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey

    I'm going to go so far as to say this was one of those rare trades where both teams lost. For the Jags the 2 first rd picks+ are an excellent return, but how can they feel good about failing to re-sign the best defensive player they have ever drafted? This team spent a lot of money on Foles because they felt they had a championship defense. Without Ramsey there is no championship defense and now you have to wonder where exactly the entire franchise is at. For the Rams, the O-Line has fallen off a cliff after years of overachieving, the Gurley contract looks hideous, the Goff contract simply bad. McVay suddenly might be the worst head coach in his division. They have been adding and subtracting big name players to that defense for years now and yet the SB, which they lost, is the only time they have EVER played to their potential as a cohesive unit. So I'm supposed to believe that another splashy mid season deck shuffling will have them winning the SB with defense now? There isn't a single chip left in Snead's hand. Oh and Ramsey has no contract...
  3. dawkins4prez

    Rams acquire Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey

    I sure as hell would not want Howie to do that trade. It would have been his official beginning of the end. Let Snead be that guy. BTW, Khalil Mack just wanted a contract there was no real issues with him, wanted to be a Raider no matter how bad they were. Ramsey forced his way off a playoff hunt team with a pretty good defense. Owner really wanted to pay him. Elite pass rusher > shutdown corner. This smells bad for Rams.
  4. dawkins4prez

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    Good morning football. NFl Network, you can youtube most of it.
  5. dawkins4prez

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    GMFB is the best right now. The bimbo really knows her football and Kyle Brandt is hilarious.
  6. Absolutely you can. I think Wentz gives you a little more versatility system wise for ways to do it.
  7. Agreed. The one and only thing Wentz actually does better is he is more capable of taking an offense that is performing badly across the board and putting them on his back to score points. Only time I've ever seen Dak do that was against green Bay and the score was already 31-3. But in the last couple weeks we have seen why Dak is the superior game manager. Wentz hasn't made many mistakes, but he is clearly uncomfortable playing the dink and dunk for 5 straight weeks, he really wants the big play and can sometimes stall a drive looking for it. Dak would rather play action and go deep but he is very comfortable (and arguably better) when the game flow requires taking what the d gives you.
  8. I don't think the analytics sites would have him top 3 if that were the case. I've seen several passes where somebody "had a shot" to pick it off, I haven't seen more than maybe one that really should have been. Wentz's INT #'s are pretty impressive when you consider nobody has been getting separation since week 1 and we've been behind in pretty much every game.
  9. dawkins4prez

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    Lawrence is a beast, a rare nose tackle type that's already reminding me of Vince Wilfork. It's criminal how undervalued he was draft day just because he will never get more than 4-6 sacks/yr. Dude is a rock.
  10. Schwartz hasn't been awful, although it's getting comical how bad we are biting on the play action and that's now 2 plays we had 10 men on the field. The biggest issue is the gaping black hole we have at LCB. Give me a decent CB there and this defense is fixable. Cross your fingers the Pokes are missing some linemen and Cooper because if not we can't cover them.
  11. So a couple thoughts here. First of all, while I will never be able to prove a damn thing, my gut says the Pokes could have pushed Collins into playing but decided to let him rest for the Eagles game. It was the Jets , right? Second, both teams are flopping. But I trust Doug to get his team ready under duress way, way more than Garrett. Hell, even last year's turnaround wasn't fueled by garrett, it was the trade from upstairs. The Poes are an organization where the coach is a powerless cuck and the players will never close the doors and the Jones out. The only guys who can do this are the Jonses and what card do they have? Paying somebody out of the blue?
  12. dawkins4prez

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    It's a survival tactic from the Eagles' dark ages.
  13. dawkins4prez

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Not to rain on the party, the 49ers are definitely a strong team at the LOS and are taking out 2 years of injury frustration on anybody in their path. There won't be a power ranking this week that doesn't have them top 5 and #2 in the NFC. That said, has Jimmy G really convinced anybody yet?
  14. dawkins4prez

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Pokes OLine is in abslute shambles. they weren't playing well with their tackles, now with both of them out they are getting straight up mauled.