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  1. Have a very hard time believing Garrett will get HC or OC anywhere, but I could see him getting one of those BS Asst. HC titles where he's just kinda paid to be in the room.
  2. Giants makes sense. I don't see Rivera as HC anywhere else next year.
  3. I call BS. Nobody wants Garrett.
  4. dawkins4prez

    49ers holding

    Crazy how nobody talks about the 10-1 Saints.
  5. Garrett is done as HC but I'm sure Jerruh will offer him a FO job.
  6. dawkins4prez

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    The Redskins were awful before Allen. It's still Snyder and Jerruh and we can count on them to F it up.
  7. dawkins4prez

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    Right now the Eagles defense is better than the Pokes at every level including, shockingly enough, LB.
  8. dawkins4prez

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    How do you figure? O-Line has regressed back to very bad, none of the young defensive players other than Lawrence have turned the corner. Even Engram hasn't exactly broken out either.
  9. dawkins4prez

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    I don;t even think they have been bad drafting. Been more a combination of average drafting and lack of volume.
  10. dawkins4prez

    Week 12: Ravens @ Rams

    It's basically the Rams-Chiefs of 2019. It's as good as a regular season game can get.
  11. dawkins4prez

    Week 12: Ravens @ Rams

    Always liked the Ravens, but they have never been this exciting to watch. Really fun team will certainly be rooting for them in AFC.
  12. Dak's been a top 5 Qb in the NFL so far this year and is a win in NE away from seriously entering the MVP race. You gotta be blind not to see that. Of course it helps to have Cooper playing like an all pro and an OC that fits you like a glove, but that stuff goes into ANY mvp run.
  13. dawkins4prez

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    No, you are wrong, Period. hate for Kaep is clouding your judgement. They gave him 48 hours to say yes, he said yes but needed his lawyers to go through it before signing. Lawyers saw that it was filled with poison pills and bad faith and couldn't make it work so he backed out and had his other workout ready. This was nothing short of an ambush and a clumsy one at that. It was designed to make Kaep look bad or sign his death warrant.
  14. dawkins4prez

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Sorry mate but you are way off on this one. Kaep is a fraud yadda yadda, hate him all you want. But this workout debacle is 100% on the NFL. The workout was a farce. A poop cake with poison frosting. Kaepernick absolutely di the right thing by not agreeing to it but holding his private workout where he could prove that he is willing and ready to workout despite the league's bad will. 48 hours notice? Can't tell him who he works out with? in the middle of the season? C'mon, that is a bad joke made to make Kaep look bad by forcing him to refuse.
  15. dawkins4prez

    Jason La Canfora: How 17-game season would work

    Add a bye! You get an extra week of regular season economy and players get extra rest.