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  1. diehardfan

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Looks like there is another troll to sweep off the forum.
  2. diehardfan

    Rams gonna be tough...

    The Rams now have two male cheerleaders. People are trying to ruin everything.
  3. diehardfan

    Suh would play for free???

    He also basically fell off the map after his contract extension.
  4. They broke the rules, so unless they are special they deserve to be punished. The rules say that punishment is cutting that player, so again unless they are special, they shouldn't have some new punishment invented to replace the one on the books. I expect the Commissioner to do just that, but it's not right.
  5. diehardfan

    Name A Team We Can't Beat

  6. diehardfan

    Kaepernick still no job

    People from Sicilly aren't all white considering the Moors occupied it.
  7. diehardfan

    Kaepernick still no job

    I think it's hilarious the Ravens were about to offer him a contract, but his girlfriend blew it :) http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20597810/ray-lewis-said-baltimore-ravens-sign-colin-kaepernick-girlfriend-racist-tweet
  8. Hahaha ND Kalu. Now there is a name from the past.
  9. Reading your post reminded me of when he went down in the Rams NFC Championship Game. If he didn't get hurt I think the Eagles would have won that game. He was pounding it that day.
  10. I'm up for it. It seemed to work for Link in Encino Man.
  11. Thought about it, but then I'd have to deal with people who break out finger paints.
  12. Someone is butt hurt today.
  13. All separate issues from "@this obsession for former Eagles players" about people wanting him back. Until we see proof otherwise he's still a pretty good player. He could drop off this year, so we'll see.
  14. I didn't jump over, but you posted that in here in obvious response to people wanting Shady and he's different league that whoever the last one was.
  15. There are people who jump on every ex Eagles, but in the case of Shady, based on being the all time Eagles rushing leader, being a probable future HOF, based on last season, and based on him looking pretty good against the Eagles last week, he obviously is in a different class than other ex players. Even if we disregard all those things he won't be thirty for another year and it matters for some players when they hit that age and others play longer. If the trade will happen or not is a different issue.